A protection exercise

I was recently coaching someone who was subsequently heavily attacked because of the advanced work we did in her session. I was also attacked as soon as she reached out to me for help. My 3rd chakra was being attacked in waves, about every 90 minutes. I would suddenly feel nauseated and have to bring golden suns into my 3rd chakra to feel better. I mentioned to Stevo that this was happening and he told me about a protection shield he read about on www.acensionhelp.com. We have found some really useful things on this site so I went in search of the information. Here’s the blog post that explains this protection shield:


I did this exercise and felt immediate relief – and I do mean immediate. I sent the link to my client and after she did it she also felt immediate relief. I wanted to offer it here for anyone who is being attacked but especially those experiencing ongoing, focused attacks that are debilitating. Try it out and see if it works for you. Not everything works for everyone so I like to have an arsenal of tools to use for one thing or another. As with any exercise or mediation, you can change it to personalize for what feels right to you.

~ Dooney

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