Just another small miracle

Last fall Carol gave me a little pocket-sized statue of Jesus and Mary Magdalene that she picked up on her last trip to France. It’s supposed to be like a talisman, and I did carry it in my pocket for several weeks. One day, it was simply gone – kind of like my Mary Magdalene HP that I posted about a while ago.

Well…the other day I was hanging up clean clothes in my closet, moving things around, and something dropped on the floor. Lo and behold, it was my little talisman! So what is the deal with my closet? I figure there’s a portal there. We know for sure the NSA was using it to send cloaked wankers into our house for a while. Stevo saw one of them once. We’ve got an HHG up there so maybe now it’s only being used for friendly ghosts who are returning the stuff the NSA has stolen from me.

Who knows…life continues to be stranger than fiction.

~ Dooney :-)

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