If it was easy, everyone would do it

I’ve been struggling lately with the fact I find it really hard to be around the PJ people for whom I am supposed to be doing service work. :-) It’s difficult to be so sensitive to energy that you can’t be around people. I was in the grocery store today and I was trying really hard to be in my heart and just send out Love, instead of being so affected by everyone’s energy that I was shutting down. It’s a fine line, as I’m sure some of you have experienced. I’m just a person stumbling along like everyone else, you know? Some days are easier than others. I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the internet lately, which I don’t usually do, but it seems like there are a lot of folks out there who are aware of how quickly the energy on the planet is changing. It’s bound to be a rollercoaster ride, so we have to give ourselves permission to be confused sometimes.

With the ramping up of the attacks on us the past year it’s been a bit hard to stay neutral and stay in the heart. It seems like every day brings another lesson. I have found that all of my personal drama isn’t really serving me anymore, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to let go of all the angst from my childhood and family hurts. It really does take a lot of energy to maintain that drama, but knowing something intellectually is not the same as knowing it in the heart. My heart still wants to dwell on the old hurts even though I know I have to let go of them. It would be hard enough to do without the attacks, but the Universe must think I’m capable since I’m being forced to deal with it all on top of the attacks. So I practice forgiveness…

I know I can do it, it just becomes too much sometimes. So, I take another breath, I ask Jesus and Mary Magdalene to be with me, I let God’s love fill my heart, and I go on. Sometimes all you can do is take the next breath. And you also have to realize that every other person is dealing with essentially the same thing. Everyone has pain. Everyone has something to overcome. Everyone is sensitive to energy, even if they don’t know it, and they have to deal with it. Not everyone will deal with it though, so you are the example and I am the example. That is our service to the world.

~ Dooney

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3 Responses to If it was easy, everyone would do it

  1. Albert says:

    I came up with this technique when I was tired of getting other people’s energy in my body:

    Imagine your body growing crystals, like amethysts, all by your skin.
    Then keep cleaning them with your grounding cord when they become full of unwanted energy.

    This may not isolate yourself entirely but I could feel a difference in how I was absorving less of the others.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Albert, this sounds similar to the “blanket of roses” technique I teach people. You can cover your aura with a blanket of small roses to absorb any negative energy coming at you. When a rose becomes dark or wilted just replace it. I like the idea of doing it with crystals!

  2. Albert says:

    The trick, for me, is to become small, so small.

    Not weak, but to kill the Ego.
    Once you get that inner state, nothing can offend you or make you sad, like children that get hurt and in 5 minutes they are playing and running like nothing happened.

    Remember you are never alone, never try to do things alone, share them, share your experiences with God and all beings, because no one understands better or would ever know the deepest insides of you than Him.

    We were not created to be alone in the Universe.

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