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Our experiments with the grounding devices has continued. We bought a new voltmeter that works much better than our old one so that we could measure the effects of different grounding situations and compare the results.

Here’s what we have set up in our house so far:

Grounding wrist strap for Dooney downstairs, grounded directly to earth
Grounding wrist strap for Stevo downstairs, grounded directly to earth
Silver-colored mesh pads in dog beds, grounded directly to earth
Grounding pad on our bed upstairs, grounded directly to earth
Grounding wrist strap next to the bed, grounded directly to earth

We are using the RadioShack brand digital multimeter shown in David Wolfe’s video, with the meter set to dBm~V. To measure the voltage in your body, you hold the red lead in your fingertips, touching the metal of the lead, and touch the black lead to ground – we use the metal square on the grounding wrist strap we hooked up as it connects directly to ground.

Here are some of the things we measured (all in Volts, indicated by a “V”):

Voltage in Stevo’s body without grounding: about 3.8V
Voltage in Stevo’s body with grounding wrist strap on: about .024V

Stevo on the grounding pad on our bed grounded to earth: about 1V
– with an additional grounding wrist strap: .055V
– with the power strip under the bed turned off, with wrist strap: .003V
– with the power circuit to the room off, with wrist strap: .0008V

Stevo on the grounding pad, grounded to wall outlet, no wrist strap: 2.9V
– with grounding wrist strap, grounded to earth: .80V

As you can see from our numbers, the more electricity we turned off in our environment, the better the numbers. Grounding to the wall outlet didn’t work as well as grounding to the earth. Of course, if Stevo also put on the grounding wrist strap that is grounded to the earth, the voltage while on the grounding pad grounded to the wall outlet went down to a little less than 1 volt. But the numbers are much, much lower if you are grounding directly to the earth. The really weird thing is that even with the circuit to the bedroom turned off, Stevo’s voltage with the pad plugged into the wall was still 2.3V (without the wrist strap).

We also found that if you have a sheet on top of the grounding pad, or a shirt on, or both, when you are on the grounding pad the numbers don’t go down as far. However, they are still significantly less than if you aren’t grounding at all. We’re also finding that the more days we spend on the grounding devices, the lower our voltage is in our bodies when we’re not grounding.

I initially started out at about 4.0V in my body (yikes) and after a few days sleeping on the grounding pad and using the grounding wrist strap during the day I’m down to 1.8V when I’m not grounding. These numbers seem to go up and down, however, by half a volt here and there. I think it depends on where you are standing in your house and how much stuff is running at the time.

Plugging in my Kindle to charge puts my voltage up. Standing next to our wireless router puts my voltage up. I’m trying to be on the grounding strap whenever I’m using my electronics. I did some experiments with our wireless router, turning off the wireless function and using ethernet cables instead. It made no difference in the voltage in my body.

The other thing that is unknown is how long does a device have to be turned off before the EMF’s no longer affect you? There are so many variables that it’s hard to tell definitively in some cases. If you turn off a lamp, the voltage in your body doesn’t change because there is still energy running to the lamp through the wire. But if you turn off a device like the Kindle, or move away from it, when it’s running on a battery, the voltage in your body will go down.

I think all these measurements also depend on your own body, how it handles the EMF’s, how healthy you are, etc. The measurements we got on Stevo that I listed above, however, were consistent. We did the measurements three times and the numbers went up and down consistently to the same levels.

Unless the way we use energy in our homes and for our devices changes dramatically, I don’t know that there’s a way to get away from this. The best thing I can think of to do is spend as much time on the grounding strap as I can during the day, especially when using the computer or the Kindle (I’m strapped in as I write this). Perhaps over time my body will learn to handle the voltage better. I have suspected for years that I developed diabetes in part because of EMF’s, as I seem to be especially sensitive to them. I am watching my blood glucose numbers to see if anything changes dramatically. There is actually information out there about a Type 3 diabetes caused by EMF’s.

I can report that Stevo and I are both sleeping better and have fewer general aches and pains in our bodies. Recovery time after hard exercise seems to be much better. I have more energy. I actually pulled my guitar out of the back of the closet the other night for the first time in 20 years, fixed the strings, tuned it up and started playing! I feel more alert. My boosting while on the grounding wrist strap is stronger.

We also went outside and sat in the sun with our bare feet on the earth, holding the red lead with the black lead stuck directly into the dirt. My voltage reading was about .005V. Pretty significant. We plan to spend as much time as possible outside with our bare feet on the ground.

I think everyone who tries this is going to have to do their own experiments to find out what works for them.

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