A new kind of attack

We’ve been doing a lot of focused boosting in our weekly chats (when aren’t we?) and I personally have experienced a new kind of retaliation. As you may know I’m diabetic and control my blood glucose level with insulin. Using insulin is an imperfect science, and sometimes I take too much and experience a blood sugar crash. This is more than just getting the shakes; it’s a full melt-down and I feel like I’m going to die. Not fun.

So lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m having a blood sugar crash, but when I check my blood sugar it’s actually higher than normal. I have been unable to distinguish this “fake” crash from a real one. Stevo suggested that I’m being attacked when that’s happening and I confirmed it with dowsing each time it happened. I think they do it because it makes me very vulnerable and they like making me feel like I”m going to die, those wankers. It happened today while I was out and about on my bike and I had to call Stevo to rescue me since I didn’t have my glucose meter with me to determine if I was actually crashing or not. It only takes a few moments of Golden Lemurian/Mavericks/Blue Hole boosting to fend off the attack.

Maybe posting about it will stop the attacks, as Don always suggests. Another thing we noticed recently is that there are scorch marks on the cover of our hot tub, exactly in the spot I sit when the cover is off. The marks have been there for a while, but Stevo and I recently realized that it wasn’t from campfire ash or anything else we could explain. It’s possible they beam me when I’m in the hot tub so we’re taking steps to make sure that isn’t happening. Pretty weird!

~ Dooney

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