Earthing – a way to physically ground yourself

I recently posted this on the EW forum:

Carol and Fran came to visit last weekend (fun!) and Carol brought us some information about earthing, which is a way to hook yourself up to the grounding energy of the earth. There are pads and devices on the market to do this, and in fact Stevo and I bought a grounding pad many years ago. Ours hooked up to a grounded outlet, however, and we are now aware that hooking up to the 60hz electrical system of the house is not beneficial. So, we took a copper pipe, drilled a few holes in it, pounded it in the ground, then stripped the end of a speaker wire and wrapped the bare wire through the hole in the copper pipe.

We got a couple of grounding wrist straps from Radio Shack, which have a metal alligator clip on the other end. We stripped the other end of the speaker wire and clipped the alligator clip to it. Put on the wrist strap, which has a circle of metal that touches your skin, and voila! You’re grounded. It was amazing how I could immediately feel the energy changing in my system. I felt my feet tingling and my head was throbbing, and not in a bad way.

So basically when you do this, you’re making a direct electrical connection to the earth. It’s already been scientifically proven that we resonate with the energy of the earth, so it makes sense that this would feel good. I feel a very strong pulsing in my body when I’m connected to the grounding cord. In fact, Carol was the first to try it and I felt the pulsing just standing near her. We were able to hook a line up to the grounding pad we bought years ago, and we have that pad on our bed so we can ground all night. I wear one when I’m on my computer. Stevo wears one while sitting in his favorite recliner with our 20-year-old cat on his lap. She seems to be having a rejuvenation. We hooked up our dog Molly who has had a lot of health challenges over the years and she seems to be much more perky and happy.

I think this is the perfect complement to the spiritual grounding that I teach on my site and to my coaching clients. The two go hand-in-hand, just like boosting and gifting. You can research it yourself by doing an internet or youtube search on “earthing”. Be discerning because there is some disinfo out there on this subject (like “grounding is bad for you”, oh brother!). I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has tried this and how it feels to them.


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  1. Leigh says:

    A few years ago I started experiencing very acute sensitivity to solar flares – particularly the ones that gave off gamma ray bursts. Whatever the sun was doing, my body was reacting to in real-time, which manifested as chronic pain in my spine. I discovered acupuncture was very effective for minimizing these effects, but the appointments were costing me a small fortune and I couldn’t continue. I discovered earthing and have been using an earthing pad every night for over a year with very good results. I can honestly say I live most days completely pain free since incorporating regular earthing into my lifestyle. Additionally, this practice has also allowed my body to adjust to the incoming energies and I find I can now handle the “environmental static” much better.

    Occasionally I also use the earthing pad if I get injured or am sick, and the results seem almost miraculous. This is particularly true for physical injuries such as sore feet, muscle strains, cuts, and bruises. The human body, when given the chance to actually take care of business, is truly awesome.

    I work all day on a computer in an office building and so am regularly surrounded by all sorts of currents and frequencies. I use the earthing pad every night to reset and ground out my system. My bedroom is as electrical free as I can get it. No phones, iPads, computers or TVs, and my clock radio sits about 15 feet away from my bed. Additionally I also shut down our wireless router every night – usually well before 10:00 pm. I’ve also learned it’s really important not to have any cordless phones in the house, as these in particular can offset any benefits of an earthing device.

    I suspect the choice of whether a pad should be grounded directly to the earth or to a wall outlet would depend on several factors – natural, environmental and architectural. I use a grounded wall outlet with my earthing pad and it works really well. Two factors went into making that decision, the first being that my father is a builder, so I know our house has excellent wiring which minimizes any “dirty” current. The other thing I needed to consider is that the house itself sits on the slope of a large running aquifer, about 15 feet below the surface. So I felt the local ground current would be a bit too strong for me.

    The only other thing I would point out about earthing is that it may be important for some folks to start out slow and phase in regular earthing regimens gradually. In some cases, earthing may prompt the body to go into a detox mode which might manifest as some form of illness or other discomfort. I noticed this for the first few months myself. After a period of time, these effects should go away.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences, Leigh. I think if all that’s available is grounding to a wall outlet it’s probably better than nothing. I suspect that the wiring in our house is particularly “dirty” considering the other problems we have found with the construction of our house. I also think we, and one of our dogs, are going through a sort of detox too. I have found that my close-up eyesight has suddenly improved. Yay!

  2. Henk van der Kwast says:


    Louis Claude Vincent in France known from his bioelectronics, pioneered this approach way back in the fifties and sixties.
    Just take care that when you pound in the copper pipe that it is not close to electric cables in the ground. Otherwise you will not get the energy from the earth but the 60 Hz. fluctuations from the cable.
    I wonder what would happen if you connect to a long earth pipe. Presumably that would protect against electric influences from electric cables.

    Henk van der Kwast

    • dooney says:

      Hi Henk,
      Thanks for your comment, that’s good information. I sense the using an earthpipe probably would negate the effects from a nearby electric line, but the best thing to do would be to dowse over the pipe or muscle test the person wearing the grounding strap. Stevo and I muscled-tested each of our connections to make sure they were strengthening us. Those of you who are energy-sensitive should be able to feel the energy when you are wearing the grounding strap.

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