Only a coward would attack a dog!


Brave Sammy wearing one of Aunt Carol’s HP’s.

It’s been a strange weekend here at Casa Smith-Weise. Yesterday morning Sammy came in from his morning constitutional shaking and gagging like he was about to throw up. We immediately put the zapper on him thinking he may have eaten something outside that disagreed with him. The day before he had developed a couple of hives on his head but they went away overnight. So, zapping, and I ran energy on him and then we gave him some charcoal biscuits to soak up any toxins he might have ingested. After a couple of hours he was much better and that afternoon he was back to normal in every way. Yay!

This morning, it happened all over again. If he had eaten something two days previously that upset him, it would have passed out of him by now since he’d had several bowel movements. So again I put the zapper on him and ran energy. He looked really miserable and I covered him with a blanket as he lay in front of the fireplace. Suddenly, an hour after it all started, he picked up his head, wagged his tail and was perfectly fine! At this point I became suspicious, and after talking it over with Stevo we were pretty sure this was an energy attack.

Since Sunday is our chat day, I got in the chat with Carol, and Don was able to join us from Belize, where he and Francisco are on the first leg of their Costa Rican journey. I told Carol what was going on and that we suspected beaming and she confirmed it immediately. We saw that it was coming from a satellite, not locally, and it was coming from two sources. We put a dome of mirrors up, or I should say Carol’s alter ego Giant Carol did, and I put mirrors around Stevo and myself and all our animals.

Then, we went hunting. Rather than go up a chain of command of attackers like we used to, I simply asked to see the source of the beaming. I got a flash of an image – a praying mantis. I didn’t actually type into the chat window that I saw a praying mantis, just that I saw an insect. A minute later, Carol typed in the words praying mantis. :-)

So yes, my life is weirder than science fiction. We were being beamed with some kind of scalar wave by a giant praying mantis. Oh, did I mention the bug was doing this from another dimension? They can’t attack us from our own timeline anymore because it’s to easy for us to see and disable them, so for more than a year they’ve been attacking us from other dimensions, kind of like hiding in a hunting blind. Luckily, our etheric friends have helped us see this tactic and we are still able to stop attacks and disable the attackers.

Today was no different. I realized in talking to Carol and Don that several things that happened this weekend pointed to an attack. The way Sammy became suddenly ill, then suddenly well, like a switch had been flipped; me waking up with a sore back on Saturday for no reason; a little rosemary tree that had been in the window to get some sunshine was suddenly dead like it had been fried; at the same time Sammy was sick, Molly was wheezing and our cat Boots was throwing up. I think they have been trying to beam us through the windows. They can’t just come through the roof anymore because when we had our roof rebuilt 2 years ago we had the builders put high-grade aluminum foil and orgonite all over the roof. Stevo and I both wear HP’s 24/7 so beaming doesn’t really affect us much, but the dogs were vulnerable when they went outside. So, I rigged up a couple of extra HP’s to their collars for protection.

I feel this was a direct reprisal for helping Don and Francisco on Friday afternoon as they waded through the red tape in Customs in Belize. Stevo and I boosted for several hours. Carol also felt really strange energy at her house all weekend. We found that Giant Carol had already protected her with a mirrored dome. The darksiders don’t want any of the Carribean area gifted, of course, and they don’t want Don to establish any ties in Costa Rica. Too bad, so sad, as Carol said today. The NWO got mad at us for helping and couldn’t really get to us, so they attacked our dogs. Talk about cowardly behavior! Shame on you, you secret handshake wankers!

[Edit: About 10 minutes after posting this, Sammy’s head broke out in hives, but only on the right side, just like the other night. I put the HP on him and the bumps immediately started to go away. We’re boosting bugs now!]

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Only a coward would attack a dog!

  1. Kathi Mattson says:

    When I first started gifting and had no tools to defend myself, we went through a spate of some crazy person poisoning horses all over the Reservation where we lived. WE had 5 horses die that year. When my mustang died from colic that no one had seen, I did a ceremony with smudges, drumming, and tb’s all around his corral. When I got halfway around, I looked up and “saw” two red eyes to the east. I drummed and sang like crazy, and saw two magnificent sylphs beside each other looking to the south. One was a dragon and the other was a long-tailed cat, and they were both screaming to the south. Somehow I knew that Satanists in the East linked to some in the South (like Phoenix) and they’d put the hoodoo on us. Later I talked to a psychic friend who owns a metaphysical bookstore who said she had seen the red eyes too. Since then we have orgonite, obsidian surrounding our place and around the neighborhood. And no attacks on animals since.
    Recently, before I had completely neutralized a haarp array nearby, someone went crazy, held up two banks, killed some people, and then headed up towards our little one lane road. For some odd reason I had decided to walk the dogs, at night, in that direction. When i saw the helicopters circling I went home. I think “they” had called me out, but all the orgonite I put out everywhere kept them from finding us. I think it’s time to step up protection around here! Help me Dooney

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for all your comments Kathi. I didn’t get my usual email notification that I had comments waiting for approval. I think you are doing the right things to keep your property safe. The obsidian is a key element in protection, we have found. We have also put a ring of Apache Tears around our property line and our house. Nothing stops the attacks completely but you can diminish them and the effects. We have buried a LOT of orgonite on our property. When people come here they say “it feels good” but they don’t know why. :-) So my advice is that more is better!

  2. Julie Bvocik says:

    Sorry hear about the trouble, especially your innocent pet family. I have much to learn about all this. While raising my sons I swayed away from learning, and so much has transpired in the other realms. I used to make chakra necklaces for animals, and other prescribed collars depending what the animal needed. It worked very well. Hearing about your experience leads me to make orgone pendants too, for the pet family. or do you suggest something else? I am new at orgone, and have researched a lot, so I can make them the right way. Do you have any suggestions for me? Since I have crystals and minerals in my studio, and copper, I am set. Look forward to your expertise, hope you don’t mind being a mentor for awhile.
    OR is orgone out dated already? Wilhelm Reich’s theory did work. How did you add orgone to your roof? Have a sweet day. Peace

    • dooney says:

      Hi Julie,
      We’re doing better now, but we had to fend off more attacks yesterday. They haven’t attacked us so far today. At one time I made little orgonite buttons in mini muffin pans to put on my dogs’ collars but they only had a couple of stones. Carol’s HP has a lot more protective stones and the SBB coil, which is what was needed in this situation. They’re kind of big for this but they work great. If you’re going to make pet orgonite for protection, definitely include smoky quartz and black tourmaline, and I would also add the mica you were talking about before to deflect energy. You can also dowse over the stones and ask if they are appropriate. Stones for the 3rd chakra would help too. Orgonite is definitely not outdated, in fact it’s finally coming into mainstream knowledge and I think it is going to help save the world. We got orgonite into our roof by giving our roofers some TB’s, and we asked them to place the TB’s in between the rafters before the insulation was put in.

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