No more victims

The following is an account by one of my Etheric Warrior compatriots who has undergone years of severe attacks. I asked my friend if I could post this brief account because it illustrates very simply a way to stop being a “victim”. I sometimes work with people who just wallow in being attacked, and they feel they will never overcome the attacks. Guess what, if you believe that, that is what you will experience. Here’s how one person made a profound life change.

“What prodded me [to support a fellow gifter] was an unpleasant attack before Christmas when I was vulnerable due to a big housecleaning of many personal issues. I haven’t been able to share with my family about the bad attacks these past fours years. Felt lonely about it, so several days ago I went into a crisis before my family because I couldn’t get rid of it this recent attack. They calmly supported me and gave me advice. Also I got a message on a website, didn’t catch the article but underneath a picture it said in bold letters (translated) ‘Turn off the tormentors/pranksters’.
Later in the day after another crisis, I decided I needed to focus more on daily things. So me and my brother went off on an errand and bought some groceries. And that’s when I made the decision: I’m going to be really calm about it from now on and just shrug my shoulders from now on if something more happens. Almost immediately after, the confusing voices went away and my mind became completely silent and calm. So I’m no longer a victim of attacks and that will be my intention from now on. I see now for what etheric atracks are; it is nonsense, juvenile behaviour and rude, and I simply won’t allow it into my personal space anymore.”.

This is a great example of how to stop getting caught up in the drama that psychic attacks can cause. I feel that the major attack I suffered in July this past year taught me the same lesson. You have to get to a place where you laugh at your attackers and shrug them off. Nothing infuriates them more than an awake, aware and committed etheric warrior who laughs in their face. Let’s face it, if you are doing this work you are going to get attacked. You have to develop the attitude that no matter what happens, you will not give up. What I project to my attackers is “YOU CAN’T HAVE ME!” I refuse to give up my soul to them.

Thanks to my etheric friend for illustrating this so well!

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to No more victims

  1. Julie Bvocik says:

    Hi Dooney, nice article. I agree with you on this, I keep a Reiki energy bubble around me. A couple years ago I acquired some mica, tourmaline, quartz mix.. Since have learned the mica is very good for sending back attacks to the attacker. I plan on using it in my orgone pendants. I have a mirror on each window, 4 directions, facing out, this will also work. Personally I don’t feel the attack, but notice my energy is drained more often than not. I am an empath, with many tools, just need to remember to use them Thank you for sharing
    ..Peace & Love.

    • dooney says:

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for the suggestion about using the mica to deflect attack energy. I will give that a try!