New Etheric Warriors

It’s been a week since the attacks started on our dogs, and they are still happening, although the effects are less severe since we put Carol’s HP’s on both the dogs. It seems they are concentrating the attack on Stevo and Sammy, the two males in the house. I haven’t figured that one out yet. They’ve attacked at least once a day. Last night Sammy’s HP string broke and while I was repairing it he broke out in a ton of bumps all over his head and down his back. It started to get better as soon as I got the HP back on him, but the bumps didn’t fully go away until this morning. When I got up, I saw that his HP was lying loose on his dog bed, and he was shaking. The metal hook is broken on that HP now, so I quickly ran some energy on him, got another HP and attached it to his collar.

Yesterday and today I started teaching Sammy how to ground, saying the words out loud while I moved energy from his crown down to his first chakra and out his grounding cord. I sent him images to match the words I was saying since I feel animals respond more to images than words. I showed him how to bring golden suns into each chakra. Yesterday I worked on his chakras, which felt the same as if I was working on a human, by the way, and his first chakra felt absolutely shredded, like it had been ripped at by something with claws. Really bad. I fixed that and I told Sammy what I was doing the whole time, backing up my words with images.

This morning I mentioned to Stevo that I had been teaching Sammy this stuff, and he said he’s been teaching Sammy how to boost! Pretty cool. I am starting to think that maybe these attacks are happening so that we can teach our dogs to be real-time Etheric Warriors with us. Our previous dogs, Charlie and Black Jack, used to go on boosting missions with us as once in a while. Sammy and Molly haven’t done that yet, but maybe that’s the next step. Molly seems to be a little more attack-proof and world-wise and I think she’s an old soul. But I’m pretty sure Sammy is new to this world so he has more to learn.

I believe animals have chakras and souls, just like humans. I feel they live in closer harmony to nature and the energy of the earth, so they would be naturals to join in the etheric fight. This is their planet too. Now I’m going to focus much more on doing chakra work on all my animals and on continuing to teach them how to join the etheric fight. I’ve known for a long time that animals are affected by energy work. See my previous post about our cat Boots, and what Stevo taught her at . Maybe now is the time for humans and animals to work together etherically.

The challenge is to keep aware of what’s going on moment to moment. It’s just getting more intense every day. Sometimes I get discouraged and I wish I could just live a normal life, but really, what’s normal anymore? I don’t think anyone is living a “normal” life. So I take a breath, and keep going, keep doing what I feel is right.

~ Dooney

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3 Responses to New Etheric Warriors

  1. Albert says:

    You should try using a sunstone SP, seems to be that they want to take off the masculine side of those living there.

    Yes no one is having a “normal” life, and as this year continues, those who were good will become loving beings, those who were bad will go further in the hate-ego side.

    Loving beings are becoming angels among us, haters will become demons themselves.

    Mediocre ones will be forced to take one side, but mostly will choose the Ego path.

    • Kathi Mattson says:

      I’ve “seen” so many of my past lives and other people’s that I’ve discovered what I believe karma really is. In the next life a person may continue the trend of their life, or they may switch over to the opposite trend. A predator may switch over to being a victim the next lifetime, so they can experience what that is like. After switching back and forth, maybe many times, they can make the decision to stop that wheel of karma- even if it’s their turn to be the “victim”.
      For me it helped to realize what a sleaze I’d been in a former life, abandoning my children, so I just went ahead and raised them as an impoverished single parent without wondering why or complaining. That’s just one example, many more were revealed.

  2. Edu says:

    This is very interesting! Are they really learning to ground?

 That’s cool! Some say that wild animals have colective souls, like all birds of the same species share the same soul, but that domestic animals are somewhere between wild animals and humans. They seem to be more individualised.

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