I think they forgot to attack us

Stevo and I have enjoyed an almost unprecedented two weeks of no energy attacks. It started, or should I say ended, the day after Francisco and Don landed safely back in Florida after their boat trip to the Carribean. We had been boosting them every day for safe travel and safe conduct through Customs. In fact, my alter ego Giant Dooney had been with them the whole time. Every time I would check on her or ask her to do something for me in a chat session, she would wave me away impatiently and basically tell me to leave her alone, she was busy. I would always see her in the front of Don’s boat, leaning into the wind, protecting them with her energy.

Well, Don and Fran landed back in Florida on January 18th, and we haven’t been attacked since then. The few months leading up to this have been some of the strongest energy attacks we’ve ever experienced, so I think that our helping Don and Fran during their gifting trip earned us some retribution. We almost don’t know what do to when we’re not being attacked. The feeling is so novel these days! :-) I remarked to Stevo that the energy attacks had ceased (including the attacks on our dogs) and Stevo said “I think they forgot to attack us!”

I’m grateful for the respite and I’ve been doing some fun things, like learning French and getting my house organized (yes, it’s fun, believe it or not). I doubt it will last but I’m glad to have the time to regroup and to do some “normal” things like clean my pantry. It’s not always easy when you’re life revolves around energy attacks, but in the end it’s very rewarding. Our boosting helped Don and Fran to be able to do some necessary gifting, including gifting a blue hole in the ocean near Belize, which is one of the pictures in my slide show on the right sidebar. I’m sure their gifting in Belize will end up helping a lot of people, and they endured some true personal hardships to get it done.

~ Dooney

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