New Lucid Dreaming bracelet

luciddreamI was inspired by Pip in New Zealand to make a new Lucid Dreaming bracelet. During a coaching session Pip was asking about gemstones for lucid dreaming so I looked them up. I realized that I had several of the stones needed to make a nice bracelet, so I did so the next day and here is the result. Thanks Pip for giving me the idea!

Many of the Lucid Dreaming stones are psychic stones, which makes sense. I think when we are dreaming we are just tapping into another reality, one that can be as real as the life you are living when you are “awake”. I think you need to be just as aware of your surroundings in the dream state as you are in your waking life. Stevo has to be on his toes in the dreamtime because many times the darksiders will send assassins after him in his dreams. He has had to learn how to avoid being killed and how to fight back. Once he started fighting back, they pretty much stopped trying to kill him in his dreams. Once in a while, though, he has some crazy dream where someone comes after him with a gun, or a sword or knives, or they try to choke him to death.

My lucid dreams tend to be much milder. I’ve often dreamed of my dogs who have died, and in the dream I’m very aware that they are gone and that this is a visitation. I know that I will only have a short time with them, so I tend to grab them and hug them, and I don’t let go until I wake up. Those dreams are bittersweet. I’m so happy to see them, but I know it’s only for a few seconds. I hope with the new bracelet maybe I will be able to extend the time I spend in lucid dreams. Like anything else, it takes practice.

For years I’ve slept with a big chunk of Green Apophyllite next to my bed and a small piece of Sugilite in my pillowcase, both of which are said to facilitate lucid dreaming. I’m looking forward to seeing the effects of the new bracelet! You can view it and buy it
on the bracelet page.

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7 Responses to New Lucid Dreaming bracelet

  1. Pip says:

    Thanks, happy to have inspired : ) have just ordered one. On another subject, when boosting someone/thing what are your thoughts on sending the boost through the subject’s previous lives or Akash, and also through their familial line (parents, grandparents etc as far back as possible)? Or the equivalent if not human. Thanks muchly

    • dooney says:

      Hi Pip,
      I think boosting back into the generations or into past lives probably does have an effect. I think we are linked to the past energetically so boosting can only help. It would be interesting to know if boosting past life issues would affect the resolution of present-day issues. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Ewok says:

    Thank You Dooney,will do.

  3. Edu says:

    One gemstone that I find helpfull for lucid dreaming and dream recall is jadeite jade. And if you wish to go further and astral travel, obsidian is helpfull for releasing body tension that may prevent the projection to occur.

  4. Ewok says:

    Hi Dooney.I remember having a lucid dream about my first Dog many years after he passed.It was so nice to see him and I remember feeling such joy in that space.His passing changed my life.I asked to give me a sign he’s okay,and,a lamp next to me to me blinked off then back on.

    And,just recently had very vivid nightmares 2 nights in a row & my Girlfriend is now getting them.Sent the energy back where it came and it stopped for me.Theres some new Orgonite here so I’m not sure what’s up.Anyway,Merry Christmas!

    • dooney says:

      Hi Ewok,
      Thanks for your comments. You might try dowsing for ley lines in the bedroom and put the orgonite directly on the ley lines. That will help with the nightmare intrusions. It sounds like you did some very effective boosting, though.
      Dooney :-)