My new look

As you may have noticed, I have totally re-done my site in WordPress. I hope you all like the new look and functionality. If anything seems amiss with links or ordering products, please shoot me an email so I can fix it. One thing that is new is that you can now submit a testimonial online. I’d love to hear from you!

In the midst of all the etheric stuff going on, I had to hunker down and spend a week or so converting and tweaking my site. I had fun installing widgets, though, and decided to totally upgrade Stevo’s website too. Check him out at for some great health info.

Sometimes you have to do a lot of 3D stuff to make the etheric stuff work. We all have to make a living, and it can be hard when you’ve got one foot in each world. So much of what happens in our 3D life is affected by our etheric life. I think the trick is to keep breathing, stay grounded, stay aware and be grateful.

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to My new look

  1. Carlos Silva says:

    The site looks pretty good, I think all that work was worth it 😉