Dealing with grief

My grandmother died recently, the second close member of my family to die in the past 18 months, and I’ve had to deal with a lot of grief. Amidst making travel plans and funeral plans, and comforting other family members, it’s easy to forget to do the basics. I’ve had to remind myself to ground, to makes sure each chakra is open, and to bring golden suns into my body. One day I really couldn’t do the whole program, so I just simply imagined the suns coming into my 3rd chakra, over and over. After about 10 minutes I was able to ground, make a new grounding cord and check in with each chakra.

Sometimes all you can do is bring energy in, and that’s okay. Start with that, then the rest will happen when you are ready. The other thing I learned is that you really can’t hold back the grief, you have to let it out. When I was traveling to see my dad for the last time, I held it in because I didn’t want to cry in front of everyone in the airport and on the plane. Well, I just about lost my breakfast and then had a mini-panic attack in the airport. After that, I just cried and I didn’t care who saw, and I felt so much better. People understand, and if they don’t it doesn’t matter one bit.

You can deal with fear the same way, which I think I wrote about this summer. Bring golden suns into your 3rd chakra until you can deal with whatever has put you into fear. The important thing is to not become frozen with it. Keep your energy moving in any way that you can. Then you will get to a point where you can move forward.

The other thing to remember is that if you can get yourself out of the grief energy a bit, you’ll be able to help other people who are not as aware of energy to keep their heads above water too. By working on your own energy, your calmness and strength will rub off on everyone else and that will make is easier for them to get through a tough time. You will also be better able to boost other people. I also realize that it may be nearly impossible to do all of this if you lose a spouse or a child, neither of which I have ever experienced. Just do the best you can, and hopefully you’ll have someone else there who can remind you to breathe.

The other night I couldn’t sleep and I was thinking about my grandma, and I got an image of her in my head. She was about 40, wearing a flowered dress and white gloves and she was waving at me. Then I saw her at about 20 years of age and she was riding a horse. She looked happy. She was 94 and I know she was ready to go because she said as much to my cousin a few weeks before she died. It made me happy to think she was probably with her first husband, a grandfather I never got to meet. Souls move on, and that’s okay. Those of us who are left behind grieve, and that’s okay too.

~ Dooney

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