What is an Etheric Warrior?

This website is for the etheric warrior who needs a little help. The links to the pages on the right will help guide you to becoming a stronger, more balanced and more effective etheric warrior. So what’s an etheric warrior? To me, it’s someone who has decided to take back the energy of our planet for the good of all humans. It’s someone who is willing to do the service work necessary to return us to our birthright of peace, happiness and spiritual awareness. It’s someone who is determined to release humans from the slavery of mind control and psychic attack. It’s a tall order, but over the years I have met so many people who are headed in this direction that it’s very encouraging. I have decided to use my gifts to help those who are on this path.

Energy Coaching – Get your energy system aligned and your aura cleared. Learn how to protect yourself from attack and neutralize your attackers. Credit card payment available.

Energy Bracelets – Gemstone bracelets for sale, our etheric helpers in the crystal world.  Credit card payment available.

Cards of Destiny Readings – Find out what’s in store for you for the next year, and learn more about your personality and relationships. Credit card payment available.

Etheric Exercises – Instructions for ways of practicing and basic tools for etheric health. Everything from grounding to working with cetaceans and higher dimensions. Free!

Boosting – Instructions to learn how to send love energy, basic to advanced. Free!

Using Crystals – Download my crystal database, learn how to use crystals, learn the properties of crystals. Free!

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