Giving thanks always

I find myself becoming more and more cynical about holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Valentine’s Day and all the made-up holidays in between. I keep wondering…why can’t people give thanks all the time? Why do we have to wait until Christmas to be nice to each other and help those in need? Why wait until February 14th to show someone you love them? And why do we celebrate people like Columbus, who committed genocide?

One thing that has really changed my perspective on the world, besides orgonite, is gratitude. Stevo and I give thanks every day, just because we are alive. The other day I was walking around outside, smelling the fresh air, looking at the blue sky and I felt so much joy just because I’m in a body on Earth. I went back in and said to Stevo “no wonder so many beings want to come to Earth and be in a body.” Sometimes life is so beautiful and precious, you don’t want to waste one minute being anything but joyful.

I think the key is to remember times when you feel like that, so that when the hard times come you will be able to withstand whatever happens. It’s the same with energy work, too. If you keep your energy system strong you can withstand the battering ram of negative energy that flies around the Earth. Those of us who are doing the energy work are anchors of light on the planet and we’re beacons of light too. We’re standing strong and firm on the Earth, so that anyone else who wakes up will have somewhere to go for help. If you’re doing the energy work on yourself and sending out Love, you are one of those anchors. I am so grateful that I have the ability and opportunity to help people become an anchor through my coaching work.

And as frustrated as I sometimes get with the PJ people out there, I’m grateful for them too. They are the reason we do this work. They have hearts and an incredible capacity for Love, if they would just wake up. I see more and more folks waking up all the time, so I have a lot of hope. It’s no use going into despair. I’ve been there and it wasn’t a good place to be. So my advice is to give thanks….and don’t give up!

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Giving thanks always

  1. Carlos Silva says:

    That’s very true, Dooney. I remember, as a teenager, wondering why the heck do we get to Christmas and suddenly we’re supposed to all be nice to each other? Whatever happens to that for the rest of the year?!

    I like giving thanks too. For small things or after grounding. I am thankful for all the dumb luck I’ve been graced with, even if I don’t feel very deserving sometimes!

  2. Albert says:

    We were created in Love, made to treat each other and be treated with Love; Many souls should be aware that we came with a mission, they are diverse, but always related to Love, corresponding to our abilities and diferences, even the sex we were given is related to that mission.
    God trusts us by giving us a life span in our body since the sacred moment of conception. RECEIVING THE TRUST OF GOD HIMSELF, that’s so meaningful! We all should cry in joy for that!

    Besides, I want to recomend that, the bad guys attack spontaneosly, sometimes. We love them back then.
    Cann’t we boost’em or anything else without’em giving the first step?!
    Example: Boost your neighbor, or the tree at the park. Or a guy you saw at the cinema, or a TV person. Or someone you imagine on the other side of the world, or a planet, or a rock. Someone who existed and died, someone that does not exist yet. Or a Hate/Fear life form.
    In other words, Why waiting to be attacked to Love’em?
    The action or power of Love is inmortal, free-boundless-limitless.

    May you try boosting not only their aurical hearth, but their Soul’s Heart?
    We are multidimensional beings.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Albert,
      You are right, we should be loving on each other and boosting each other all the time. I think that is our natural state of being. We’re here to help each other. That’s why I stress to people that they need to get control of their energy, so they can eventually start to put their good Love energy out into the world, regardless of whether they are getting attacked. Great comment!

  3. Nic108 says:

    Hear, hear! I’ve always loved that Elvis song “Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas?”

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