The Aftermath

Things have settled down in my house quite a bit in the last week. They aren’t attacking me anymore…finally! I do expect more attacks, however, so I am continuing to do the daily work of grounding, boosting my chakras, sungazing, looking at fear pictures and getting rid of them, etc. I have been forced to move to a new level of awareness and vigilance, but it’s all good. Good things are coming to us because we are both allowing for the possibility of bad things, but not dwelling on it. I find I have more conviction, more courage, finer-tuned psychic abilities, and more of a “go with the flow” attitude. I give thanks to my Creator every day. I am so lucky and so blessed. I am living much more in the present instead of the past (guilt) or the future (fear).

Just today Stevo started getting attacked by hordes of psychics, CIA agents and dracs, so he’s been using the Mavericks boosting to take care of them. We always offer to help each other out with the mega-boosting projects but we haven’t needed to rely on each other as much. It feels like have both moved to a new level of ability, and it’s probably just in time. I think we are going to be asked to step up our participation in this etheric war. I am convinced that we are fighting for nothing less than every human soul on this planet. It’s a big task and there are probably millions of people on our side, but I am ready to do my small part and make a difference for whomever I can.

This is my service work and I am much more concerned about humanity as a whole than what I can personally acquire in my life. Sure, I like to have nice things and live comfortably, but I also know that while it’s perfectly fine for me to do that, there is a certain amount of energy I need to expend to help others. That’s what we are here to do….help each other out. I do it by coaching, and answering people’s email questions, by maintaining an informational website and blog, by making bracelets, by gifting, by boosting, and by chatting. I do it by being an example of what is possible so that others know it can be done. I do it because I learn from it and I am a better person because of it.

I have gotten many nice and informative comments from readers after my big attack drama, and I appreciate everyone’s thoughtful comments. There are a lot of folks out there who have good information and are on the same path as me and I enjoy hearing from them.

~ Dooney

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