It’s About Time!

I have been feeling under pressure to get a blog post up…I didn’t realize it has been almost three months! Oops….

So much has been going on here etherically, I have a lot to post about, so I’ll do it in several posts. The first thing I want to talk about is the emerald singing bowl that Carol Croft gifted to us and delivered personally. What a good friend! It’s made an amazing change in our lives. Several months ago we started using emerald energy in our group chats and we joked the it would be great to have an emerald singing bowl to play with. About a month later, Carol found them at a gem show. She ordered one for us and we’ve been using it every day since.

The energy that comes off the bowl while ringing it is wonderful. It makes my heart chakra, and my whole body, pulse with energy. It immediately clears my space and the space around our house and property. It clears whatever you focus on while you are ringing it. I usually spend 5-10 minutes in the morning ringing the bowl and setting the energy for the day – focusing on what I want to have happen, manifesting what I want, and sending energy to people who need some help etherically.

I think it has raised our energy vibration. I feel like I have a lot less angst over my own life issues, and I feel better able to handle whatever comes along. I’m able to have more compassion for people. I’m able to boost much more strongly. When we get in the chat with Don and Carol, and they are ringing a bowl or two on their end, and one of us is ringing our bowl here, the energy is incredible. We get to our targets twice as fast, and resolve other issues just as quickly. I think this is another case of getting a solution to our attacks just in time. :-)

The Operators tend to be good about helping us out when we need it the most. We seem to be getting through attacks and problems even more gracefully since using the singing bowl. I put a quickly done recording of our singing bowl on my website homepage for people to download and use. It’s not the best recording but I think the emerald energy comes through. I plan to make a better recording soon. As soon as I get the buy buttons done, Carol will have some singing bowls available on her website, so stay tuned for that in the next few days!

~ Dooney

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