Energy Upgrades

The other interesting thing that has happened in the past few months is a marked change in my energy, aside from the energy of the singing bowls. In late February, I suddenly became more attuned to people’s chakras. It happened after an intense week and a half of snow storms that kept Stevo and I busy plowing and shoveling snow. I was physically exhausted most of the time just from keeping up with the snowfall to keep our property clear for business and just to be able to get around on the property.

What I noticed one day while watching my dog Sammy is that I could psychically see all his chakras at once, and I could see what state they were in. In the past I have had to concentrate much more to see/feel someone’s chakras. I don’t see them with my 3D eyes, but with my 6th chakra/Third Eye. I saw that Sammy’s 3rd chakra was huge, which didn’t surprise me because he is a very energetic and willful being. :-)

I then looked at my dog Molly, and she had a huge heart chakra which basically expanded to cover her whole body and beyond. She is a very loyal and loving dog. Sammy is also, but his independent tendencies are more pronounced than his loving doggy heart. I started to look at people when I was out in public and realized that I could just “see” their chakras very easily, without even trying. I had to remember to not really look at their chakras because it’s spiritually rude to peek at someone without their permission.

It has been very useful during coaching sessions, though, when I do have permission to peek. I’m pretty much able to see what is going on with someone at a glance, and I can tell right away what is going on in their energy system and which chakras need the most attention. I was mentioning this improved ability to one of Stevo’s patients, and she commented that it was interesting that the change in my energy came about at the same time as the extreme weather. She thinks the weather was an indication that our area is rebalancing back to normal due to the orgonite that has been gifted by us and Don and others. As a lifetime Montana resident, she said that kind of snow used to be normal. I thought it was interesting that the change in the weather and the change in my energy happened at the same time. I’m also able to feel my own chakras, and fix or boost them instantly, and create and protection barrier around myself instantly. That helps a lot when I go out in public.

The other thing that happened recently is that twice now Stevo and I have been awake all night – wide awake, doing dishes, making snacks – and have felt that spiritual information was being downloaded. Of course, we were exhausted the next day, but during that night, both times, we were very aware that something unusual was happening. It wasn’t an attack, because we are very familiar with how that feels. I’m not sure what it means, but we both feel we have taken some kind of step upward in our energy and awareness.

I think maybe we are being prepared for a big energy change on the planet. I know I keep saying that something big is coming, but maybe the big thing has been happening all along, by degrees. Maybe it’s not going to be some huge global crisis or something. Maybe it’s going to be a change so gradual that most people won’t notice it for months or years. I have noticed that a lot more truth keeps coming out in the mainstream media. A lot of folks I know are being tested in their lives, Stevo and I included. We are staying grounded, staying in the present and trying to be aware of what the energy is showing us or teaching us.

It’s a great time to be alive folks. Actually, anytime is a great time to be alive, but it’s particularly interesting now when energies are changing so much.

~ Dooney

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3 Responses to Energy Upgrades

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Dooney

    I do enjoy your posts thank you.
    It is interesting what you write about the emerald energy. I wonder if you have heard of a chap called David Ashworth? He lives in the UK and is a gifted energy worker and has been working with the Emerald energy. He calls it the Emerald Heart. He has set up he Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment. It is my feeling that the beings – operators – that assist you are the same beings that work with David.
    Will you be doing any more radio shows ? I hope so. I really enjoyed the last ones with you and Carol.
    Blessings to you and yours ..

    • dooney says:

      Hi Suzanne,
      Thanks for the info…it’s good to hear of other folks who are using the emerald energy. It’s been amazing for us. Maybe there is a certain spiritual family group that is drawn to emerald energy.
      I’m sure I’ll do another radio show sometime in the future. Carol and I had a lot of fun!

  2. Edu says:

    Gaining more power means only one thing:

    More responsability hehehe