The Power of Positive Thinking

It’s a cliché, yes, “the power of positive thinking”. It’s been touted in books and videos and self-help seminars for ages. It’s even been debunked, supposedly, in our local paper so that The Power of Negative Thinking is now in vogue. And yet…

Stevo and I, along with other Etheric Warriors, have been under severe attack now for months. We have been in the chat three times a week, some weeks, with our compatriots just trying to keep all of us alive and able to make a living.

Don and Carol had to leave their home. It’s been quite intense. I kept wondering what we were missing….what do we need to do to make a real breakthrough and stop the harassment? We keep finding attackers and energy situations that we take care of with the various tools in our etheric toolbelts, and we get a lot of help from the Operators and other etheric beings, like the whales and dolphins (thanks friends!). But the oppressive energy continues to hammer down on us.

This week the tide finally turned a bit, and we got our heads just barely above water. Last night as I was going to sleep, I took a time-out from focusing so much on the attacking energy, and I gave thanks to my Creator for everything – every person, animal and plant on the planet, every heart, every experience. I took a deep breath and just relaxed into the fact that I am here, I am alive and I am so very lucky. I felt overwhelming gratitude for my life and the miracle of existence. And I gave thanks.

This morning, my whole perception has changed. I feel happy. I feel joyful, even. I feel able to let go of the energy that is no longer serving me. Maybe this feeling won’t last, but I know I can create it whenever I want. It’s a challenge to be a spirit in a body, especially now when the world seems to be going crazy. But we are all here at this time for a reason. I think we are the ones who are going to usher great changes into the world. It’s a privilege, and a responsibility.

I think Stevo is feeling the change as well. He had a great notion today about how to neutralize our attackers more effectively, and he was immediately attacked psychically just for talking about it with me. That’s what we call confirmation. :-)  We will work on it in our next chat and we will continue to fight for our lives and for the lives of everyone on the planet.

Let’s move onward and upward, with Love. All you have to do is choose. I choose to think about Love.



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4 Responses to The Power of Positive Thinking

  1. Ewok says:

    Hi Dooney,
    Are we In a period of transition of some kind.The energy out seems too much.People are either cool or down right mean.I want to understand what I see rather than assume.Sometimes I think it has to do with Time and maybe some kind of manipulation of it.

    I gave a gratitude prayer with a white candle recently.A cards of Destiny reading is in order soon.

    Thanks! Peace

    • dooney says:

      I agree, Ewok, the energy on the planet is polarizing even more now. The thing to remember is to breathe, and focus on your heart. Stay in present time.


  2. Matt says:

    Any guesses as to when Love will actually win this thing? Hope after hope…

    I mean, for millennia, we’ve had the Annunaki and associated anti-Christ energy archetypes ruling humanity completely, whether overtly, or, as in recent times, through deception and thinly-veiled manipulation and mind control.

    Just look at the history of the planet. Has there ever been a time without war, without poverty, without inequality, without hatred and evil? Without pain, loss, or despair? The sadness…

    We’re still making the heart mistakes, still hating and playing our neighbour, and still embracing separation and ego, over Truth. Even now, with the consequences home to roost and the deceptions fully visible, to anybody with eyes to see…

    Perhaps it’s the way it will always be. At this level.

    Without a complete surrender to Divinity within, how else is there progress? What else actually is there, when you get right down to it? It is all totally dependent upon that presence in the first place. It’s the Life THAT IS, not that which derives from it.

    All of the outer distortions of that One principle will simply recycle the same old soul slavery associated with those expressions, endlessly. So, it’s up to us to withdraw our energy/belief from them. As we are always connected to reality at every level, through the inner unity of the Heart, such an endeavour must surely be of benefit to the ‘others.’

    It’s the only insight I have arrived at, looking at the thing from all possible angles.

  3. Stephen says:

    hey dooney how u going , i live down in sydney and have emailed you a few times awhile back , yup its been tough times lately whew , having lizzie an t-rex living next door and suburb full of them or having the same name as don , not sure which is the major part of the reason for my grief , but never say that to don of course ,hes cool and has my complete support , anyway sorry to hear of your hassles , i was born on the 11th and have a couple of actual physical implants put in my ribs after going to hospital with lung collapse so lifes a constant challenge and apart from the love felt from the occasional sylph and the help felt from some people/race around here , I find that what helps alot when being attacked is , when i get up in the morning i face north ,straight after bathroom visit i face true north and stay there for few minutes doing my cleansing or whatever you do , and then i find that throughout the day i can face north and feel immense power or strength and help , hope this helps , try it, i would love to know your comments some time .
    All power to you and Steve

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