Where is Don Croft?

Don’s email account has been cut off by the jerks at Wildblue, so I gave him an account on my DonebyDooney domain. You can reach him at doncroft@donebydooney.com. This is part of the ongoing attacks on Don and Carol, and this one is specifically to shut down his business. Don and Carol are on the road now, as Don has posted about on EthericWarriors.com. We are doing once-a-week and sometimes twice-a-week boosting sessions to help out this situation and bring about the best possible outcome for Don and Carol.

My sense is that this attack will bring about positive publicity for zappers, orgonite and the whole shebang. Attacks like this usually backfire in the faces of the NWO and bring greater publicity and sales than ever before. Those dummies never do figure that out though. :-)

Please send positive energy to Carol and Don as they work through this latest attack. Those of us who are helping them are also getting attacked, which is par for the course. We’re used to it and have the tools to deal with it and our very good friends who help us out in the chat room at the drop of a hat. You guys are awesome!!

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Where is Don Croft?

  1. Edu says:

    People are wondering again if everything is fine, hehe


  2. dooney says:

    You can also now reach Don at his gmail account at donallencroft@gmail.com.


  3. Harold says:

    Thanks for the update on Don & Carol – continuing my boosting on their behalf.

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