Psychic coffee grinder

We have a little joke that our coffee grinder is psychic and knows just how much coffee to grind on any given day. It’s always set at the same amount, but some days it grinds a little more than normal, some days a little less. I think the grinder knows when we need a little extra jolt. :-)

I have read that machines can and do interact with our energy, and I’ve had that experience myself. I have an unusual ability to make computers work just by touching them. That used to come in handy when I was a tech support engineer. Of course, sometimes it was just a matter of plugging in the power cord, ha ha. In the chakra and aura book I recommended in an earlier post the author talks about grounding machines if they aren’t working. I don’t think she means that machines have chakras but they do have a lot of electrical energy in them and you can use your chakras and energy system to ground the energy in and around a machine.

You can ground a house and a car, so why not your computer or that pesky lawnmower that won’t start? Machines are made from materials that came from the earth, so it makes sense that you can connect with that energy. A former mentor of mine pointed out that even if you are 35,000 feet above the earth in an airplane, you are still sitting in a machine that is made from the earth, so you are still connected to the earth.

I haven’t tried to influence the energy of the coffee grinder, however. I figure the universe knows what we need, and since coffee is the last treat we have left I’m not going to interfere with whatever the universe has planned. :-)

~ Dooney

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5 Responses to Psychic coffee grinder

  1. Edu says:

    I remember once when I was in a gemstone shop, buying some tumbled stones. The shop owner was attending one of the customer, wich them tried to pay with a credit card. The owner complained that the card machine was not working properly, failing most times to process the payment. They tried once and it failed. They tried again, but this time I boosted secretly the machine through a small aqua aura quartz that was on sale, wich I happened to be holding at the moment. It worked. Later I made my payment without problems too.

    I actually almost always boost whenever I use a electronic like a credit card, ATM machine, cell phone or when I’m sending an e-mail or when the computer gets jerky, just in case.

  2. Pauline says:

    Machine interacts with our energy. I would like to share a personal experience about that. I live in an area that has lots of oil drilling activities. So I see oil pumps (oil pumpjacks) all the time and I did not think much about it until one day. For whatever reason I cannot explain and I started looking at that oil pump as a living, breathing hardworking horse instead of a machine. What made me change my mind, I didn’t know. From then on whenever I saw an oil pump, it does not look like a machine to me anymore. Strange too I also have this strong urge to protect it from working too hard.

  3. Carlos says:

    Didn’t know about “mercury retrogade”, thanks!

    Here’s a mainstream article about mind over… electronic circuits, dated from 2003:

    It tells tales of Princeton University researchers sweet-talking machines into giving them the results they want… ahah what a crazy world. I bet if we did that we’d be called quacks! Interesting and fun article to read, though.


  4. Carlos says:

    Thank you, this was very enjoyable to read :-)

    Personally I never thought of the “field” of machines and other devices but maybe that goes a long way to explain why some of them are said to be temperamental?

    Anyone ever had trouble starting up their car? Sure it could probably be explained mechanically and/or electronically, but… if failure to start a car engine is due i.e. to material stress then why does it get to start up again at some point? I think the temperamentality of machines can fall somewhere in that gray area 😉


    • dooney says:

      Thanks Carlos…also consider what it’s like when Mercury is retrograde and machines and electronics tend to go on the fritz! If you’ve ever experienced multiple technological failures in a short period of time, you know what I mean. :-)

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