Ghosts and gems and girl power

I had an eventful weekend visiting Carol and Don last weekend. Carol and I taped the first episode of the Etheric Warriors Radio Hour, now posted on YouTube at

It was a lot of fun and many thanks to Jack Musick for making it happen and being a great host. We had a lot of girl power going on! I probably talked too much but it just felt like there is so much info that people need to know. I think Carol and I make a good team. :-)

The next morning I was lying in bed thinking about getting up when I felt a cat walk across the bed and touch my leg. I realized that it couldn’t be Carol ‘s cat Edward because the door was closed. I later asked Carol if they have a ghost cat and she said they have two. This is the fourth house Carol and Don have lived in since I’ve known them and I’ve had a ghost experience at each house. I think they know that Carol is open to them so they use her energy influence to communicate.

That brings me to the other intense thing that happened. I was sitting at Carol’s dining room table drinking my coffee and felt a strong presence next to me, as if someone was standing there. I asked Carol if she saw someone and she said yes. I asked her if it was my dad and she said yes. I could feel a sad and totally oppressive energy. Carol said he was looking down at me and he was really sad. I have never felt such a strong etheric presence before. It was very intense and I started to cry. I think my dad is stuck. He didn’t believe in God or an afterlife and I think he doesn’t know what to do now that he is out of his body. Carol gave me some tips on helping him to move on, like asking the universe to illuminate him so he knows where to go, and telling him directly to move to the light.

This is really hard stuff to deal with. My dad was around me the rest of the day and that night. Finally, the next day I remembered to boost my third chakra and I immediately felt better. I was able to let go of some of the grief and get some perspective. I’m watching the movie Ghost right now, hoping my dad will get the idea about how to move on. Carol was so very helpful in advising me on how to deal with my dad and the rest of my family stuff.

After an intense few days like that I feel like I need a break. It’s okay to take a break now and then and have some fun. Carol and I went to a bead show on Sunday and spent some quality time with gemstones. I was inspired to make some new bracelets so stay tuned for an announcement. In times of personal strife I rely on things like Smoky Quartz, a great grounding stone, to help me get through it.

I hope you all enjoy our interview and the information on our websites!

– Dooney

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8 Responses to Ghosts and gems and girl power

  1. Dean Halladay says:

    Wow!! I am such a fanboy of you two ladies. This was a great interview.

    We haven’t dropped off the earth. We are just in North Carolina now. Keep up the great work!

  2. dooney says:

    Thanks to everyone who commented on the video. We had fun doing it and hope to do some more in the near future. I’m glad you have gotten something out of it….
    Dooney :-)

  3. Harold says:

    Just read your post about your Dad, so I did what I do and worked with him and his interaction with your energy, starting just before 10:30 am today (11/21/2013). The energy went smooth for me at about 10:40 am. Hoping that this ‘boosting’ helps.
    Sincerely, Harold

  4. Carlos says:

    Dooney, your enthusiasm sometimes gets a hold of you but I sincerily think it ends up having the best results. I agree you ladies make a great team!

    Let’s all boost your dad. Don’t anybody think this is an unselfish proposition, though. I think once he gets up there he’ll want to helps us rid the world of tyranny 😉

  5. Matt says:

    You gals were great. Somehow, Dooney, you were exactly as I imagined you would be… right down to the diction, cadence and intonation of your speech. :-)

    You and Mrs Croft both came across as ‘grounded’ and completely sincere, rather than the usual New Age talking heads and reptoid deceivers that often talk of etheric matters on YouTube. This should attract people to EW, if the vid gets enough attention.

    It’s unfortunate, regarding your dad. ‘Death’ seems to be a subject area of comparatively little discussion, even within the more open circles. This isn’t ideal, given the terrible fear and daunting dread that it represents for the many, particularly those enslaved by the ‘intellectual’ soul-prison of spiritually-enervating materialist dogma, courtesy of the ‘Church of Settled Science’, as Don calls them. Where does the influence of the physical body end? What happens when we drop the body? What of us survives death? Is consciousness/mind eternal, beyond the brain? Are they the same thing? Et cetera.

    I pray for a swift resolution to your concerns. Sincere thanks to all involved in the vid.

  6. Sue says:

    Really enjoyed that interview, has totally lifted my mood so thanx ! Look forward to seeing more interviews :)

  7. ((( ewok ))) says:

    The video is amazing.The energy from that show is off the charts.I had the best time watching it ,3 so far, and will take notes on the fourth.It feels like a half hour show. Love the comment about the “Dolphins come to help with guns blazing” then Carol says ” their not armed”and you guys laugh.

    When Jack asked about attacks the comments on what we think/say about others ripples out and hits their energy field was a huge wake up call,for me.I learned a huge lesson here,Thanks to all three of you for that.Just goes to show I am not as awake as I assume to be.But,have been practicing Ho’ oponopono lately and getting more control of energies.

    You guys are an incredible team.When’s part two??

    *(I feel like i am spamming here on your blog so please delete after you read,its cool )

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