Psychic trends

Carol is doing aura readings at a psychic fair near me this weekend and I’m her helper bee. :-)  This is the third time she’s done this show and it’s always interesting to note the pattern in people’s auras. Carol uses a computer hooked to a handplate that reads the meridian energy in your hand, and that information is passed to a computer program that displays a photo of you and your aura. It’s pretty slick and Carol says the computer program displays auras almost the same way that she sees them with her eyes, and with a report printed out she can show what she’s seeing to the client.

This time, most of the people she is seeing have wide-open 4th, 5th and 6th chakras. It’s not unusual to see a lot of open heart chakras here because people who come to the psychic fair are generally more open than most people. But this time their throat chakras are open, and they are all getting ready to be healers or teachers, or some kind of psychic helper. Most of them have white or gold light in their aura. White means they are bringing in divine light, gold means they are bringing in divine knowledge, and both are useful in doing healing and teaching.

Carol said last night that she feels like a myna bird, repeating the same thing to every client. For the most part they need to accept that they are on a psychic/spiritual path, get out of their own way and let the growth happen. Most of them need to start speaking their truth, hence the wide-open throat chakras. A year ago when she did this fair we saw a lot of gold in people’s auras, which I think represented how more people on the planet are bringing in the spiritual knowledge they need to deal with all the big changes. This year, they are starting to be able to use that knowledge to help others.

It feels to me like last year was a prep year for all the huge changes that have started occurring this year. I think 2012 was the very beginning of the transition and this year we are starting to see more of the changes actually manifesting in 3D. It’s amazing to me the news stories that are coming out in mainstream news where truth is coming out. It’s very encouraging.

~ Dooney


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  1. Carlos says:

    Thank you for sharing, Dooney – I’m a little jealous of your helper-bee duties 😛 but mostly I’m pleased to know of the positive transformations happening to a lot of people out there. It’s about time! 😉

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