Time tunnel craziness

I can’t remember if I have posted previously about the time tunnels we have discovered in our group chats. These are tunnels that I believe are part of the Multi-verse, the multiple dimensions that exist simultaneously in parallel to each other. What we have found is that boosting these tunnels and filling them with energy, we can subvert things like false flag attacks that were in one possible future. We have recently found these tunnels attached to ourselves in our chakras, as a means of directing our futures to a bad outcome. Luckily, the energy signature of these tunnels is pretty easy to pick up once you have noticed them, so a lot of our work in our group chat is now directed at filling tunnels all over the planet.

Right now, they are trying to start WW3 in Syria, so I am currently boosting tunnels in the Mid-East like crazy. I frequently boost all the way through the tunnel to the end, and most times end up on another planet and get to do etheric battle with whoever lives there. Our enemies have become really adept at hiding out dimensionally so we have been challenged to open up our awareness to include all possible dimensions. I think that’s why the Lemurians, Atlanteans and dolphins gave us the information about accessing higher dimensions. It’s coming in really handy during this battle. You can read about how to access higher dimensions on my website.

My next post will be about the 13D Holographic Heart boosting technique that Stevo came up with, and that we use all the time now, especially when boosting tunnels. Anyone who can boost and learn how to go to the higher dimensions will be helping the whole planet if they start boosting time tunnels. In most cases, the boosting collapses the tunnel so it can’t be used to manipulate our future, and the future can play out more evenly as it is meant to. Have fun boosting!

~ Dooney

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