13D Holographic Heart Boosting

This is a technique that Stevo developed in one of our group chats to deal with a particularly hard target. We’ve been boosting from the 13th dimension for several years now. That technique came about one night when Carol and Don came to visit us and were severely attacked on the way here. When they got here, we did a chat session in my living room to go after whomever had attacked them. In the process, we discovered that we could access the higher dimensions. I don’t know who exactly gave us this information, but I suspect it was a combination of Lemurians, Atlanteans and dolphins. All of them were present around us that night. While we were boosting the attackers and experimenting with higher dimension, Carol told me that I was going transparent, and she could see right through me. It was pretty amazing.

After that, we all experimented with going higher and higher in the dimensions, and eventually reached the 13th dimension, which is where the cetaceans hang out. The cetaceans have let Carol and I know that 13D is as high as we are supposed to go, so if you go any higher be careful. Once you practice a bit, it’s very easy to access these dimensions, but you have to practice. I have an exercise on my site to help you do that. You need to ground, focus and most importantly, use your imagination freely.

To being the 13D HH boosting, you first have to raise your awareness to the 13th dimension. Once you have done that, you boost in the normal manner, through your heart chakra. The difference here is that you need to consciously call on whomever you consider your Creator, or your spiritual guide. Stevo, Carol and I use Jesus and Mary Magdalene because that is the energy that we understand and identify with. You can use any spiritual figure that brings that strong, unconditional love vibe into your space.

Next, imagine that the boosting energy coming from your heart is rippling out, like the ripples of water that are caused when you drop a stone into a pool of water. Imagine those ripples spreading out from your heart through all dimensions and all space/time, crossing any barrier easily. Imagine you are a conduit for the energy from the Creator and the energy is flowing through you to all dimensions, all life, all parts of the universe. You have to really let the energy get big, and don’t limit your imagination. This energy goes everywhere, to every corner of our existence that has ever been or will ever be.

The energy workers on this planet, especially gifters and boosters, have done so much damage to the NWO agenda that they are now resorting to using the time/space continuum to launch their attacks. We have evolved our techniques to counter these advanced attacks. The more people that learn how to do this, the more quickly we can bring the NWO down. I want to stress that anyone can do this. Any human with a heart can master this technique so don’t be afraid to try. It’s a function of time, focus and Love. Have fun too!

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to 13D Holographic Heart Boosting

  1. Carlos says:

    wow… this was the most fun I’ve had boosting solo in ages!

    I happen to also call on Mary Magdalene and Jesus and, remembering the exercise to hold hands with the Higher Self and the Inner Child, also hold hands with them.

    The energy, when it gets more refined, becomes almost blinding. It happens that even it I want to visualise the boosting energy as being blue it turns by itself into white/gold so I don’t force it back into blue.

    It was a little tricky to get the “ripples” into a good rhythm but thinking of a waterfall helped.

    After a short session of boosting in this manner I’m sweating like after doing exercise and feeling very warm too eheh 😉
    Will try to do this every day after grounding.

    Thank you all (once again) for the timely dissemination of important information!


    • dooney says:

      I’m glad you had a good experience, Carlos. I like the reminder to connect with the Higher Self and Inner Child while boosting this way – great idea! Stevo and I always feel a lot of energy when doing this. I feel like my whole body is tingling and pulsing with energy. Thanks for sharing your experience. :-)