Pyramid Power

I got an email from someone just before Christmas last year who is from Canada and doing some gifting and experimenting with orgonite. She had an interesting experience with orgonite and a pyramid that I thought was worth sharing, and I’m just now getting around to doing it. :-)

There are small glass pyramids you can buy that help keep fruits and veggies fresh longer. Carol has one and she says it works great. I think they also sell them as decorations. Anyway, the pyramids have one side that opens on a hinge so you can put things inside. What the gifter from Canada did was put TB’s inside in a specific pattern: one in each corner and two stacked in the middle, all touching, for a total of 6 TB’s in the pyramid. She did this because she was getting majorly hassled by flyovers after moving to a new house and gifting it. There was a blue hole over the house all the time after gifting (gotta love that!).

Immediately after putting the TB’s in the pyramid, her spouse and cat became affectionate right away, she was followed to the store about an hour later, and the energy at her house became magical. The next day she saw blue holes and blue streaks in the sky and then (in her words): “…it was like the clouds puffed themselves up and opped up higher into the sky instead of hanging low and flat. For a while it was like they were slanting upwards towards where I was, like they were rising up the face of a pyramid!”  She also said the sylphs were really active, and farther away the clouds were puffing up in a pyramid shape as well.

In the next few days, a lot of other wild stuff happened including surveillance and sylph wars in the sky, but there was also a massive amount of energy coming into her space and lighting up her 6th chakra. She described some other experiences that sound like visits from her guides and a hellish dream that sounds exactly like some of our chats where we were fighting dracs (the giant ones). Then she was followed to a restaurant by a lady who looked like a alien in the middle of shifting, much like Don has described in his adventures.

Wow! This is a whole lot of happenings just from putting some TB’s inside a pyramid. Of course, many gifters have been experimenting with pyramids for years. Carol makes a lovely, large orgonite pyramid which she sells on her site, as do other orgonite vendors, and Don and Carol built a large copper pyramid with orgonite in the middle, which is currently sitting in our backyard. I’m thinking I’ll put some TB’s in there in this pattern and see what happens. I don’t know what happens if the TB’s aren’t touching. For example, the pyramid in our backyard is really big, so I’m not sure if I should arrange the TB’s all together in the middle so they are touching or spread them out to the corners. It will be fun to experiment. :-)

The other interesting thing is that a few weeks ago I was driving home from the city and saw this interesting cloud shape pictured at right. Can you see the pyramid shape in the sky? I was amazed and took this pic with my iPod while I was driving so the quality is not the best. I’ve seen some other weird angular cloud shapes lately, one of which I am positive was a spaceship (see my post about cloudships on EW). We have also been hassled by some beings who are disguising their bad juju in the form of transparent energy. For instance, they put an energy cord in Don and I could feel it but I couldn’t see it. Usually energy cords are filled with dark energy (to my etheric eyes) and since I didn’t see that dark energy I thought there wasn’t a cord. Stevo saw that the cord was indeed there, but it was transparent. Just more weirdness we learned about…

Well, if anyone has experimented with pyramids lately, let me know or post a comment here.

~ Dooney

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  1. Laurent says:

    Hello Dooney,

    excuse me to use this way to contact you because I wanted to post it on EW but I was not able to find your last post. So I ask for a comment on this subject here:

    There is a certain form of entities that was not mentioned yet. They are called Invisibles because they have the tendency to melt with their environment to the point they become energetically invisible. They inhabit the lower mental plane. Their purpose is to shut down the capacities of human mind and to induce stupidity into the human population in order to keep it enslaved. They are mainly responsible for many distorted belief systems inside organized religions and lately in the new age movement, which has deteriorated from pure beginnings in the 1980s into just another mind programmed cult after the Congo invasion in 1996. One of the main mental tricks of the Invisibles is that »all is well«, suggesting people to deny things that are not well and thus stripping people of their inherent power to change things that are not well.