Tesla Coil for psychic attack

As Don mentioned on EW, we’ve been using a Tesla coil to help break a pretty heavy psychic attack/black magic attack that has been going on for many weeks. They’ve been putting a cobweb pattern over us to make us invisible to our customers and attack us financially. The weird thing is it’s like a frozen spiderweb, hard and crackly. In the past, they’ve used a dome over us, kind of like a really thick eggshell. This is something new they’ve been doing since the beginning of the year.

When we run the Tesla coil, we feel immediate relief. It feels like a fog clearing out of my head. It feels like the air around us is clear. It’s easier to think, and it’s easier to boost. It seems like this technology works great against radionics too. Carol and Don bought ours for us (very generous!) and you can get one here:


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2 Responses to Tesla Coil for psychic attack

  1. linda says:

    Should I use this with a Harmonizer (slim) or alone? I am heavily targeted by psychic attack and black magic.

    • dooney says:

      Hi Linda,
      For the heavy kind of attack you are under I recommend using both the Slim Spurling Environmental Harmonizer as well as the Tesla coil.

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