Spring Sale & New 3rd Chakra Bracelet

3rd Chakra Rescue Bracelet

Check out my Energy Bracelet page for some Spring specials and a new 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelet. I have been thinking about doing this new bracelet for a while since Stevo and I have been getting attacked quite a bit since the beginning of the year. It’s chock full of fiery 3rd chakra stones that will help keep your etheric fire alive. This is a really hard time for those of us who are awake and aware, and lately it’s taking all our energy to keep ourselves on the right path. However, it’s a really exciting time as well. We get to witness some incredible changes in the world. This new bracelet can help you keep your energy system energized and your willpower strong to keep doing the important work.

The new 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelets includes: Red Jasper, Amber, Citrine, Yellow Jade, Mookite Jasper, Sardonyx, Red Aventurine, Lemon Quartz, Carnelian and Red Agate.

Through the month of May 2013, you can get a Grounding bracelet at 50% off with the purchase of the 3rd Chakra Rescue bracelet.


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