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I’ve had several clients lately with lots of implants, so Stevo looked up where to buy neodymium magnets (also called rare earth magnets) that you can tape on your body to kill the physical part of an implant. He found this site: I’ve used ones that are 1/2-1 inch in diameter, and I think the bigger ones work better. I usually recommend that you keep the mags on 24/7 for a week, and you also need to get rid of the etheric part of the implant. If you don’t do both, chances are good the implant will eventually reactivate.

If you are energy-sensitive enough, you can remove the etheric part yourself. Run your hand over the area where you think you have an implant. You will feel something “not right” when your hand comes upon the implant. I sometimes feel an ache in my 4th chakra. You may feel a tingling or pain in your hand. Once you locate the implant, just imagine you are scooping out the etheric “goo” (my highly technical term, ha ha) around the implant. I actually making scooping motions with my hand when I am doing this. Then breathe out and touch the ground with the hand that did the scooping. Imagine you are sending the nasty implant energy back into the earth to be transmuted.

When you feel like you’ve gotten all the goo out, do some healing on the area where the implant was, either will a ball of light or a rose or your hand, whatever works for you. You may have to do this process more than once before the implant is totally dead. If you need help with this, schedule a coaching session with me.


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  1. Pat says:

    I am totally new on this. Edu and Dooneys, about the Selenite wands, which side touch the skin, the positive or the negative, and for someone who is not a ‘sensitive’ how can they know which is the positive and negative side of the band? If you get a pencil band, does the tip/pointing side could serve to identify the polarity?, if not, would it be better to get a rounded wand, and again, how can one identify the positive or negative side. Do you literally go through every single part of your body or there are specific parts to look at? Thanks alot!

    • dooney says:

      Hi Pat,
      I don’t know the answer to your questions about wands but perhaps Edu can shed some light on that. I suppose you could dowse the ends with a pendulum to find out which end would work best for you. As far as locating implants, I can usually feel them, but if you don’t have that sensitivity, I would look at any part of your body that hurts or just doesn’t feel right, or anywhere you have a rash or unexplained marks on the skin. You could also dowse the suspected locations.

  2. Edu says:

    Me and my younger sister found a great tool for getting rid of the etheric part of the implants: Selenite wands.

    It was actually my sister who discovered this. She thought that if selenite can clean other gemstones it might clean the implants too. And it worked! Just point a regular selenite wand towards the implant and boost through it. The violet beam of light cleans the implants in matter of seconds! A small pen sized wand will work very well.

    After this i started using the following method for cleaning all implants in my body: I get undressed or with light clothing and scan EVERY inch of my body surface in sweeping moves with the positive tip of the wand while boosting trough it.Trust me, there is no place were shitbirds can not put implants! The afected implants start itching or “buzzing”, sometimes feeling warm like if short circuiting, and them become quieter. A few may even burst in blisters after some days. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to know where the implant actually is, and non energy sensitives can locate the implants feeling the itching after scanning them.

    We have using this method for about 2 months with consistent results. It won’t kill them for good but will greatly neutralize their harmfull effects. After seeing the power of the small 3 inches long wands, I purchased bigger 9 inches long, thick wands wich work great. They can be used for cleaning implants even from a meter long distance, wich is great for cleaning implants from afar in semi-PJ relatives hehehe! I used it with with succes is my mother, which can not conceive implants in her body and she described the same itching feeling (she think it’s the mosquitoes). Its also easier to determinate the positive end of larger wands. One end feels predominatly emitting/pushing while the other feels predominatly absorbing/pulling. By placing the positive end in an afected meridian the entire meridian seems to flow with energy and the implants start buzzing or itching.

    Another tatic for keeping the implants under controll is keeping your space clear. The implants seems to be able to be animated or even regenerated by external ongoing etheric attacks. Keeping your shields charged greatly reduces their activity.

    I agree with Mary Sue that the neodimiun solution is quickly becoming very impractical and outdated. Tried them for many weeks but some implants just don’t die! And they are shooting us in masse. I can easily say that I have about 50 implants, perhaps even more. And some PJ relatives simply won’t use neos.

    I have been experimenting with one idea for kiling implant, but still can’t say I have significant results. The idea is that if its the etheric part that controls the implant, or in other words, programs it, perhaps it can be etherically “hacked” with intent for making it stop working and self destruct. Their etheric technology seems to be highly interactive and I think that if more skilled psychics take a look at this aproach it might produce a powerfull tatic against implants.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Edu, it’s a good idea about the selenite. The more tools we have the better, and I know for sure that implants have evolved in their capacity for sneakiness. :-) It doesn’t surprise me that in some cases the neo-mag is not enough.

  3. Mary Sue says:

    Dooney I don’t know how to get a reply from you. During our last chat session, it was interrupted for awhile and then I was told that you were “on the phone”. I don’t know if I was talking to you or not.

    Anyway, for over a year I had written to you about burning, bee-sting like red marks appearing in a symmetrical pattern on arms, legs, and trunk of my body. And on my face too. Through reading your blog I see I was describing implants along my meridian lines. I never received your replies, so they (the sh!tbirds) had over a year to keep on doing it to me. This last weekend while taking a trip to PA, they shot me with a bunch more. Also, after sending Don a picture of one of my harassers, this time a combat vet, they shot me with a painful bunch in one spot, right on my upper left ribcage.

    Small 1″ neo magnets over these hundreds of sites 24/7 is just not going to work for me. I live with PJs and I must appear in public society.

    Don has suggested using larger magnets, and I’m giving this a try. Do you have any other suggestions, also Etheric/spiritual ones?
    Thank you,
    ~Mary Sue

    • dooney says:

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Mary Sue, I’ve been dealing with a family crisis the past few weeks. I can’t remember in our chat if I talked to you about doing a Faraday Dodec around yourself. You could try that (instructions are on my site). With constant, repeated attacks you simply have to keep fighting. You might also try the new meditation that Stevo came up with, which is boosting from 13D, using Jesus and Mary Magdalene energy, rippling out in all directions, through all dimensions and through all time and space. Pretty powerful results! I will be blogging about that meditation in more detail soon.

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