The problem with implants

I’ve found implants on several clients lately, which hasn’t happened much for the last two years. One implant was very tricky, only showing up when my client boosted me. I happened to be looking at the clients’ heart chakra while they boosted, and the implant turned on only when they started boosting. Sneaky, but I was able to deal with it. As usual, I took out the etheric part of the implant, the “goo” as I call it, and the client taped some neodynium magnets on their chest, front and back. A week later, only a tiny part of the implant remained, so I recommended another week with the magnets on the body.

I may have blogged about this before, but I wanted to emphasize that in my experience you have to deal with both the etheric part of the implant and the physical part. I’ve rarely come across an implant that didn’t have both components. If you only deal with one or the other, the implant will eventually regenerate and start working again.

The really hard part about implants is that they will turn on and off so they can be hard to spot. Also, they are typically buried deep in the body and have several layers of energy covering them so they can be hard to spot right away. Other times, implants are easily spotted. I generally like to do a chakra tune-up first, then scan for suspected implants.

When Stevo and I first got into this work, we checked ourselves with the Zapchecker, which is a little device that senses EMF’s. It was a little hard to use and we never fully understood how to use it, but we seemed to get results. We went outside, away from the house so we wouldn’t get any false readings from the electricity in the house. We both showed implants on all our main chakras. It was quite shocking! We both used magnets and after a long time we finally felt the implants were dead. I didn’t understand at that time that the etheric part needed to be removed, so we probably could have sped up the process if we had known that information.

Some people get really skeptical about implants for some reason. It’s common knowledge that tiny electronics can be and are injected into mammal bodies. I don’t know why it’s such a stretch to believe that this technology wouldn’t be used for controlling people. You can use a zapper to help disable an implant in a pinch because there is a small neo-mag in there. You might have to leave it on a bit longer than a week because the magnet is a bit smaller than the inch diameter ones I recommend. They are also called Rare Earth magnets if you are looking on the internet to buy some.

Two crystals that can help locate implants are Amethyst and Seraphinite. I was looking for information the other day on what crystals help disable implants and I didn’t find anything. So if you’re working with crystals, I would say try using the Amethyst and Seraphinite to disable them as well.

~ Dooney

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7 Responses to The problem with implants

  1. Shafin Karim says:

    Oh My God. I cannot believe I have found your site. its very odd that there isn’t more easier to access information on the net. I have been searching for awhile to remove an implant / attachment (in my ears / /brain / /head / lower body / like groin) god knows that is creating some kind of interrupting frequency in my thoughts so I am unable to progress on ANY level. Please tell me this sounds familiar and you know how I can get rid if it. I look forward to your response.

  2. Harold says:

    There is a ‘denial’ circuit implicit in the implant to keep it hidden, also an ‘ownership’ circuit that makes one think it is part of one’s self. Standard Implant Tech 101. Very introvertive (interiorizing) and hooks directly into the death mechanism when your attention (awareness) energizes the implant. Hence the aversion to examination, exactly as intended by the shiesvogels.
    There is an easy way to disable / explode the implant – simply create a duplicate of the physical implant (in your imagination – it will really exist on the correct plane of existence) and place it facing the original implant. Then make two more duplicates of the original implant facing each other and place it alongside the first pair, for a total of four, each pair facing each other. Hold the visualization (all four of them) until it comes apart, usually just a few seconds. That’s usually all it takes, it will disappear or explode and will leave a trail of origin (if you look for it) so you can boost the originator. Do the same process for the goo, it will come undone as well. I will get some magnets and see if that adds anything to the process.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks Harold, this is interesting information. I will give this method a try! By the way, what’s a shiesvogel? Something like $h!thead? :-)

  3. Matt says:

    I don’t usually get too much acne, spots, and the like. Recently, I noticed some kind of ‘pimple’ in the area of my right cheekbone. I’m sure that the generic ‘spot’ was totally red at that time.

    I look in another mirror again later, and I notice a little abrasion collar, and it has morphed into a mini blackhead comedone form. There’s a tiny black dot, not much more than a millimetre in diameter.

    Now, I’m not saying that this is an implant, and I haven’t noticed any particular changes, but the thought of carrying Network surveillance nanotech in my face doesn’t appeal, if that’s what it is. They’re aware of my schedule and have certainly had the opportunity, lately.


    • dooney says:

      This is a really good point, Matt. Thanks for bringing it up because I completely forgot to. Yes, often you will get an unexplained, usually red, mark on your skin when you’ve been shot with an implant. The good thing is, you know just where to put the magnet!

  4. Matt says:

    Any symptoms that us savvy ‘spiritual’ sorts need to look out for?

    • dooney says:

      Good question! Symptoms can vary….from feeling “blocked” in general to things like feeling pain in certain areas of your body at certain times of day, feeling like you can’t generate heart energy at all (ANY human heart can do this), feeling greatly amplified bursts of energy in certain spots, and especially feeling a negative change in your energy when you try to do anything spiritual, such as boosting or any spiritual exercise. Many implants are there to prevent you from developing spirtuality and/or psychic abilities. The more aware you are of what your own energy feels like, via grounding and such, the more you will be able to tell when your energy is off or just not feeling right.

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