Staying neutral – a big challenge

Being neutral is probably the biggest challenge and most important part of being an etheric warrior. Being neutral can also be defined as love with detachment. Detachment means no attachment to an outcome, not that you don’t care.

For instance, when you boost someone, whether they are “friend” or “foe”, you should not be concerned with the outcome of your boosting. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but remember that your only job is to send out Love, not decide what is going to happen when the Love vibe reaches it’s target. Even when we are boosting someone who is attacking us, we are not directing the outcome of the boosting. We do watch what happens to the target and adjust our boosting accordingly, and we hope that our boosting has the effect of stopping the attack, but we don’t have any control over that.

Luckily, when you boost someone who is actively attacking someone else, the Love vibe generally stops the attack, at least to some degree. Sometimes you need to do additional boosting to keep the attack from recurring, but that’s not unusual with an attacker who is using some kind of dirty magic or radionics.

When I work with coaching clients, it’s best for me to be neutral as possible. If I start to empathize too much, my boosting and healing work is much less effective. I generally don’t know too much about my clients at first, as that makes it easier for me to remain neutral and objective.

Here’s where it gets difficult for me….when I work on Stevo or on one of my animals. These are spirits that I have a personal attachment to, and I find it so much harder to separate myself from their energy and do effective work. It’s especially hard when working on my dogs. They are so unconditionally loving, and they can’t tell me in words what is wrong with them. A vet friend of ours was recently working on our dog Molly, who hurt her leg while jumping into the truck. This vet is amazing, doing chiropractic, cranio-sacral work, acupuncture and homeopathy. She helped do a miracle on Molly’s other leg last year when she tore a ligament. Well, this vet told me I needed to be neutral while doing healing work on Molly. She could tell that I get too caught up in Molly’s pain and I try to force a healing.

So, my point is that I know how tough it is. I had to really train myself to be neutral while working on clients. I used to take on way too much of their pain, and the people attacking my clients would attack me as well. The dolphins really helped me with this issue. They started communicating with me during group chats and showing me how to use my energy for things like the dodec technique. I watched how they sent energy. It was with total Love, but it was totally neutral. It’s not that they don’t care – they care deeply. But they keep their own energy out of a situation and they simply send out the high frequency Love vibe.

Here’s a technique to help you stay neutral. I read it in the aura and chakra book I posted about earlier (do a search on “aura book” and you’ll find it). Imagine a rose of any color inside your aura, to your left or right. Put a picture of the person or situation inside the rose. You can also do this with an emotion. Move the rose outside your aura and blow it up.

Some people get worried about destroying a rose or blowing something up. Remember, this is an etheric rose and an etheric explosion. It simply represents an image of Love (the rose) and a movement of energy (the explosion). It doesn’t mean you are violent or destructive. It means you can call up Love energy when you need it, and you can move energy out of your space when you need to. It’s okay for you to control your energy and keep your space clear.

~ Dooney


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One Response to Staying neutral – a big challenge

  1. Matt says:

    When you get right on down to it, we are all the original impulse of the Highest Love of the Cosmos; pure being. The gift of Life. A Love that is conditional in any way cannot be ‘true’, really… if we take ‘reality’ in it’s absolute, it doesn’t and cannot exist in transience. It simply cannot be otherwise, no matter how much black magick the lower frequencies cook up to keep us following the ego/false-self, that they themselves have cultivated in us.

    The subsequent creations that we have birthed, including the embodiments of these distortions of Love, such as our demonic reptile friends… they are OUR creation. We did this and nobody else.

    It’s simply how it is, and has been for a very long time.

    I encounter constant attempts by others to intrude upon my path… and usually the offending party is oblivious as to what they are really doing. Mostly, it’s guilt and doubt plays, which are simply a non-sequitur when one realises the true nature of the ego. Sometimes, it’s sheer contempt and malice, whether hidden or open. I have even had people buy me expensive gifts, only to use that apparent generosity later as a means by which to sway me into enacting their version of ‘doing something with my life’… in other words, pushing their own silly spiritual handcuffs, on me.

    Dooney’s recent post on implants illustrates how the lower frequencies of the original impulse are intentionally trying to get those aspiring to the Divinity WITHIN THEMSELVES, to falter and identify with the false-self, again.

    Whatever is outside of yourself is exactly that… OUTSIDE YOURSELF.

    One cannot be what one perceives.