Is it just me….

Or is regular life kinda difficult right now? It seems that just getting through the day is incredibly hard. Making sure everyone is fed, laundry is done, bills are paid, house is clean…you know, the basics. I feel like I’m slogging through mud!

The only easy part is when I’m 1) coaching, 2) blogging 3) boosting or grounding. The etheric side of life is a snap! Seems to me it used to be the other way around, where it was difficult to get the etheric stuff done and I conducted my 3D life kind of on autopilot. Not anymore!

I wonder is this is one of the effects of 2012 energy changes. It’s like everything has flip-flopped energy-wise. It’s very strange. I’ve also noticed that people are either really nice, or really rude. Maybe I already blogged about this, but it’s becoming more apparent in our interactions with the public (mine and Stevo’s, I mean) that people are either meeting the challenge of the energy changes or they are going insane. We have had folks say the weirdest things to us in the past few months. Things that are so insane or rude that your jaw just drops. Has anyone else experienced this?

It’s funny to me that now I have to spend a lot of time dealing with everyday 3D life and making sure that I’m grounded enough to deal with it. I used to have to make sure I was grounded enough for the etheric stuff. The key here is that I have to stay grounded 100% of the time. There’s no room for error with this new energy on the planet, especially with thoughts manifesting so much more quickly. It really teaches you to focus on what you are thinking, and keep it love-based.

Let me know what challenges you are going through!

~ Dooney


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7 Responses to Is it just me….

  1. Mary Sue Adams says:

    Yes, I’m noticing changes! I’m sensing people before they appear. And thoughts. I already knew my dogs can read my mind. Now I’m getting readings on people. A lot is demanded of us! Thank you for reminding me to ground frequently, maybe constantly.

    I feel burned out because of all I deal with. I’m stalked and harassed on my way in to work, and wherever I go. Then I work with autistic and mentally handicapped children, which are very, very draining, and they are very energy sensitive themselves. Then I get stalked, harassed, and attacked on my way home to teenagers and husband who are PJs and don’t believe me, as I’ve already told you. Exceedingly draining! So thank you for all you do in teaching us how to protect our energy, and be responsible with it! I can get pretty grouchy with all this so it’s imperative that I learn better thought control and responsibility. I know “they” want me to stay weak and negative and angry, so I can’t boost. So a learning curve is happening here.

    And thanks for talking about the rose technique, above. I too felt sorry for the cute little rose and was hesitant to explode it, but now I’m visualizing these issues inside the rose, and moving it out of my aura! Thanks again,
    Mary Sue

  2. Edu says:

    3D becoming hard, hehe. I thought it was just me being lazy = ). Sometimes I too wish things were as easy as in the etheric. And I’m not even psychic.

    When people are rude be glad, so you know who you will have to stay away as much as possible. On the other hand, loving people are becoming so easy to spot. They are not even fully awake about the reality and yet you can see that there’s little difference between you and them .

    People are becoming more true to what they carry inside I think. Perhaps the etheric is really becoming more present in general awareness.

  3. Matt says:

    Not just you, Dooney. :)

    Does anyone else find that those still in bondage are intensifying their attacks specifically against any expressions of the higher dimensions, as per their programming?

    The moment that you cannot or will not do or behave as they wish, they attack, in any way that is expedient for them. Anything from guilt plays, to ridicule, to blackmail. Anything to provoke, anything to try and FORCE you to identify with the ego and false-self.

    Family, ‘friends’, co-workers, strangers… for so long as they deem you useful in fulfilling their own ambitions, whatever they may be in the moment, they will be all smiles.

    But be your own person, free of their self-policing mind prison, and woe betide you!

    So… you attempt to see it through the eyes of the Highest Love, and figure that there is very little that you can really do about this mess, much to your own frustration.

    What to do about it… that’s the thing… what is ‘right’? What do I really know, after all? Nothing.

    It feels rather selfish to focus on my own self-realisation, but that’s all I really have control over, and, apart from spreading Love around as and when, what can be done?

    Even free will, to me, seems illusion. All that is, is Love. The Supreme Being. The only thing that you get to take with you.

  4. ewok warrior says:

    Thanks! Did that today and it helped a lot.Also,added a T-Rex on top of #7 for a few mins for a extra kick.

  5. Carlos says:

    To me people seem either very nice and cool (grounded) or then they seem like something is eating them and that sometimes translates into being very pushy and

    Another side effect of this energy is that it seems thoughts are more
    easily exchanged between people. At least for me it feels that
    sometimes I can pick up what other people are thinking and mention it
    beforehand. Also I’m getting more sensitive to perceive the energy of
    people at a distance (funny it’s easier at a distance than up close
    and personal).

    With this comes the pressing need of grounding. It’s like I’m having
    the words “you must ground” said as often as “you must make orgonite”
    in those days before my first pouring. The fact is I don’t spend
    enough time in the etheric and let myself be dragged too often into
    the “bee hive” mentality of “getting things done”. It’s a cold and
    souless mentality and yet it’s difficult to brush it off and take a
    different path sometimes. I’m getting better at it, though 😉

    BTW here’s a funny story about “thoughts manifesting”:
    We moved houses begining February. I was being extra paranoid that
    nothing should happen to my stuff, specially the stuff going in the
    big truck in the middle of many other things – I don’t know why I get
    so paranoid sometimes.
    So after we arrive and almost everything is unloaded I’m getting real
    itchy because I’m not finding one of my boxes… I searched and
    searched and searched and I started to get worried because I thought I
    had checked every box. At some point, having resigned myself that it
    would show up later, I’m in the living room not even looking for it
    anymore and there’s a box that crashes down from on top of other
    Below the fallen box had been laying the one I was searching for a long time…
    But there’s more: there was some stuff that was found in one of those
    boxes (quite probably the one that fell to the floor) that had been
    broken: ceramics and glass objects, mostly “junk” but still it was not
    my own junk I had messed with!


  6. ewok warrior says:

    Wow.Not sure where to begin here,not only is everything backwards,for me,but I also feel surrounded by Zombies.Just ridding the bus is absolute torture.I feel like a stranger here,where’s the guidebook to this place?

    Small talk with friendly strangers can feel so uplifting.Hearing gossip is like poison.The rudeness is off the charts and it seems the norm,now.I had the hardest time grounding ever this week.When the $’s come in the River of Resin will flow once again.

    I am so glad you are posting on this,please keep it up.Have been reading the Blog many times over.

    • dooney says:

      Thanks for your comment Ewok. :-) I’ve heard from several people who have experienced the same thing, so I’m glad to know it’s not just me. It just confirms for me that we need to be hyper-aware of our own energy during this transition time. If you have trouble grounding, try re-creating your grounding cord more often, like once a week or so. Just imagine the old one falling away and see a bright, new one in it’s place.

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