Atomic Meditation

Yesterday I was reading some metaphysical information on the web, and later when I was in the hot tub it got me to thinking (I do my best thinking in water!). Did you ever see the movie “Mindwalk”? Filmed in 1990, it’s about three people who come together at Mont Saint-Michel in France and have a wonderful philosophical discussion about the nature of life and the universe. Part of the conversation is about the structure of the sub-atomic world and how there are vast spaces between the atoms that make up matter, and how the atoms in your body are intimately connected to the atoms of everything around you.

I started thinking about trying to connect with the atoms of the objects around me, so I focused on the water, the air, the hot tub, the trees, the grass, the deck, the wall of the house, etc. I imagined the spaces between my atoms, and connecting those spaces to the spaces between the atoms of these other objects. Within a few minutes I did feel very connected to everything around me. I felt peaceful and fulfilled, and I could feel the energy of all these objects. It’s kind of like our atoms were resonating at the same frequency. I imagined my body kind of melting into everything around me.

At the sub-atomic level, all matter is in motion, right? So it makes sense that you can tune into that motion and resonate with it. That’s how my coaching works. I’m tuning into your energy and resonating with it. There is no time and space when you are working with energy. Anyway, it was an interesting meditation! If you want to watch a movie that will make you think….rent “Mindwalk”.

~ Dooney

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