Travels and trials

Since the last time I posted, Stevo and I drove down to L.A., with the dogs, for my brother’s birthday. It was an amazingly easy trip compared to the one I took in November. The energy of the big city didn’t affect me nearly as much as it did a few months ago. Now, maybe this is because of the new year, the end of the 2012 cycle and such – I don’t know. Maybe it was because we were together and had the dogs with us – more of a support system. In any case, we had a great time with my family so it was well worth the trip.

After getting home we realized that we are still under attack, mostly in the form of our businesses being slowed down. We’ve chatted with Don and Carol about it a couple of times as their businesses are also being affected. It seems we are being targeted by NWO folks who really don’t want us helping people to wake up. The great thing is that the waking up part is happening for a lot more people a lot more easily. I don’t think they’ll ever stop punishing us for doing that work, but we’re getting better every year at defending ourselves, so the trial of being attacked all the time basically keeps us focused on the etheric work we are meant to do.

Someone I was coaching asked me the other day how I am able to send out unconditional, neutral love energy to my attackers….to people who would love to see me dead. He wondered how I could do it without being angry. I guess my best answer to that is…practice. I had to practice – a LOT. I also learned a lot from the dolphins, who are excellent at sending out neutral energy. Connecting with dolphins and feeling their energy helped me a lot. I see a lot of folks I coach with dolphins around them, so I know the dolphins are just waiting to be contacted.

When I boost an attacker, I don’t really think about them. I mean, I keep them in mind so the energy goes to the intended target, but what I really think about is Love. I think of my family, or my dogs, or the dolphins. I think about things that make my heart glow, and then I send the energy with no expectations. I simply let Love and the Universe decide what to do when the Love gets to the target. It’s not my job to decide what happens to the target – it’s my job to send out the Love. It’s not as mindless as it may sound. Being neutral means you aren’t attached to the outcome of your boosting. It’s really rather freeing, because you can enjoy the sensation of being a Love-based being using their energy properly while you are doing a really good service to the world. Boosting feels great!

If you have trouble being neutral while boosting, do some chakra work first. Imagine your 3rd chakra as a ball of yellow light, and your 4th chakra as a ball of green light. Get those chakras glowing really brightly before you attempt to boost. Keeping your 3rd chakra strong will help you stay out of Fear, which is detrimental to boosting. Keeping your 4th chakra strong keeps the Love energy strong, which is vital to boosting.

~ Dooney

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