Moving forward in 2013

Happy New Year! I’ve had several interesting emails from folks who are experiencing some amazing things and perceiving an overall increase in energy on the planet. I enjoy hearing what folks out there are going through. I think things will continue to polarize as we move into 2013. You’ll probably hear a lot of bad stuff and you’ll also hear about some really amazing good stuff. The trick, I think, is to focus on what you want to manifest. We will continue to be bombarded by the NWO brainwashing tactics in the media, the domination tactics of our governments, and the economic warfare tactics of the banksters, but the important thing is to stay focused.

As I’ve said before, thoughts are becoming reality at an even more accelerated rate these days. I’m really working on my thoughts. For instance, we were driving home from town the other day and there was a lot of HAARPy cloud cover over our valley – you know, those ripples and waves that look totally unnatural. So instead of getting in a twist about it,  I just kept looking at the clouds and sending out love and thinking about a non-HAARPy sky. Sure enough, within minutes the worst of the ripples started to fade. The clouds began to look much more normal. It just reminded me that we have more power than ever these days, and you just have to remember to use it. That is the big challenge – stepping out of your 3D thoughts and using your etheric power.

It may sound kind of Pollyanna-ish to only think good thoughts, but I think we need more people to hold the possibility of things like world peace in their hearts and minds so that the energy of those thoughts can manifest in the physical 3D world. If we don’t do it, how will it ever happen? I feel a real responsibility to do this as a service to the world. It’s the etheric part of the service, like gifting orgonite is the physical part of the service. I think you need both to make the big changes the Etheric Warriors are going for.

Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of my life is, and then I think about the people I have helped, the gifting I have done and the etheric work I continue to do. And I know that I am on the right path. “Stay on target….stay on target…”  (Star Wars fans will know that quote).

~ Dooney


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