Energy experiments

Stevo recently bought some products from for neutralizing the effects of EMFs. We’ve had a whole-house conditioner of theirs for a few years, and I have a small unit on my cell phone. Stevo has a personal pendant for EMF protection. We got a few more phone units, a unit to put on laptops, Kindles or iPads, and a unit to plug into our router, which is both wired and wireless. I “shut off” the wireless function on our router and we use wires but I’m convinced that it still puts out a strong EMF. This is a secondary router that we are using to play music from my laptop.

A few days ago, I left the secondary router on 24/7 instead of unplugging it when we were done using it. Suddenly, my blood sugar went above 250 and wouldn’t come down for two days, no matter how much insulin I took. This is not the usual pattern for me. So, Steve muscle-tested me and while standing next to the router a strong muscle weakened. We plugged in the EMF protector and a strong muscle stayed strong, and a weak muscle strengthened. This indicates that the EMF protection device was working. In a couple of hours, my blood sugar was back to normal and has been normal ever since.

This supports the theory we read about that there is a Type 3 diabetes caused by EMFs. I’m pretty sure that this is a major contributing factor to my need for insulin. So, we tested me with my laptop, my Kindle and my iPod Touch. Both the laptop and Kindle needed the EMF protection. The iPod Touch did not weaken me. So now I have an EMF unit that I will use on my laptop and Kindle. The EarthCalm company does say that different people will have different needs as far as how much protection their body requires. It’s obvious that my body needs a lot of help with EMFs.

We also muscle-tested all these devices using my EMF Protection bracelet and I’m happy to report that the bracelet has the same effect as the EarthCalm units. I’m using both things, though, just to make sure I’m covered. It’s good to know that the bracelet will give me the protection around other devices when I’m out in the world.

So, the etheric part of all this is that if your energy is affected by EMFs, it not only weakens your physical body but weakens your etheric energy, your aura, your chakras and your ability to use your energy effectively. With the electronic smog that is now present everywhere it’s really important to protect yourself.

~ Dooney

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4 Responses to Energy experiments

  1. Nic108 says:

    Interesting! I have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar won’t normalize no matter what I do. I’m basically a self taught naturopath at this point and take 20 dietary supplements but my sugar is still abnormal. I have orgonite TB’s near all the devices you mention. Maybe I’ll try your bracelet.

    • dooney says:

      Hi Nic,
      You could also do some research on the ketogenic diet, if you haven’t already. I find that I am so sensitive to carbs that I basically can’t eat any at all now.

      • Nic108 says:

        Thanks, Dooney. I’d do well on an Atkins/Paleo type diet but have been practicing spiritual yoga for many years and am a lacto-vegetarian. I drink whey shakes, etc. It’s not easy but one can eat a carb restricted, high protein vegetarian diet. I’m taking 1000 mcgs of chromium picolinate. It’s helping. I find Swanson Health Products has the absolute best prices on dietary supplements.