Since the world didn’t end….

Much like the Y2K hype, the end of the Mayan calendar turned out to be no big deal. I think the energy changes on the planet will be much more subtle than anyone thought. I also think there is probably a new Mayan calendar for the next 26,000-year grand cycle, and no one has bothered to find it. I doubt the Mayans actually thought the world would end yesterday. :-)

We did have an interesting thing happen here, which pointed out to me the level on which the energy changes are probably happening. Our very stressful roof project, which has been going on since mid-July, came to a sort of conclusion yesterday when our contractor walked in and said “the roof is all buttoned up”. This is a moment we have been waiting for, for months, and I thought it was so perfect that we got our resolution on 12-21-12! So maybe folks were just looking at way too big of a picture for 12-21 changes. Energy changes always seem to me to happen very differently than you’d expect. Of course, there are times when you have big, scary life changes or something happens to you that totally changes your perspective. But on a planet-wide scale, I think it’s more subtle.

I think we’re supposed to breathe and live through the changes and incorporate them into our daily lives, not go crazy and run around shooting each other while the world burns down. (The NWO would love that, wouldn’t they?) I think the real challenge is to consciously bring the awareness of everyone on the planet up a few notches. The best way to do that is to work on yourself. Get your space in order, use your energy properly, get rid of your fear, and you will change others simply by being a beacon of light. You are more powerful than you know. Your light will illuminate the path for those around you.

And since the world didn’t end, I’m gonna have a bonfire today! :-)

~ Dooney


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