Zombies – Just Say No

Steve recently pointed out to me all the attention on “zombies” these days. He said he’s read probably 6 stories on BBC news about “zombies” attacking people and biting them; one case involved a woman who’s nose was bitten off! Really?

You may notice there are a lot of movies, TV shows and video games now that are centered on zombies. We were watching a Season 3 episode of Warehouse 13, and the Warehouse agents came upon a zombie in a park eating a deer. Stevo just zipped right past that episode as he’s had his fill of zombie news.

This is how things become accepted. Look at how vampires became popular a few years ago and now it’s vampires everywhere! This is training/brainwashing to get people to accept negative energy. This gets people thinking “Oh, that’s not a big deal, it’s just a zombie.” They start with things like vampires and zombies and school shootings, which are just kids programmed to kill. I’m sure that the “zombies” reported in the news are also programmed people. This is not normal behavior for a functional human being. But everyone begins to accept that school shootings and having your nose bitten off are a normal part of life!

It helps to be aware of these trends so you can decide whether to support them. It’s like voting with your dollars to support companies that you believe in. You can support or not support ideas by putting your energy there or not putting your energy there. I think this is a personal decision that we all have to make.

You know, it kind of makes me mad (breathe, Dooney). They are working really hard to take away your physical freedoms, and now they want your soul. They want to infect you with negativity and death energy. So I guess my point of this mini-rant is….spend your energy dollars wisely. :-)

~ Dooney

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