New Life

My oldest niece had a baby girl the other day, and next week I get to go visit and hold her. I think babies are simply amazing. They are as close to pure spirit as you can get on the planet without going out of your body. Stevo has a particular facility for connecting with babies and kids. They will spontaneously smile at him and are drawn to him. I think they recognize his spiritual signature as one that they are familiar with. When kids get to be about 6 or 7 they start forgetting where they came from, unless they have exceptionally aware parents. :-)  When they’re young they still have full use of their imaginations and no one has shut them down yet. Stevo and I started boosting my grand-niece a few hours after she was born. It’s fun to boost kids because they really respond to the energy – it’s familiar to them.

I think boosting kids is a great idea. They have it a lot harder these days than when I was a kid, what with violence, the EMF soup of technology, the political/NWO climate, etc. So do a good deed….boost a kid! :-)

~ Dooney

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