New EMF Protection bracelet

The EMF Protection bracelet

I just got a hold of some Shungite, which is the gemstone used by the Russian space program to protect astronauts from EMF’s. So I made up an EMF Protection bracelet which is now available on my site for $35. Here’s list of the stones and what they do:

Shungite – protects against all EMF’s, used by the Russian space program
Amazonite – protects against all EMF’s
Aventurine – protects against all EMF’s
Hematite – blocks EMF’s
Flourite – blocks computer EMF’s
Sodalite – blocks and clears EMF’s
Unakite – blocks EMF’s and helps recover from the effects (wonderful healing stone)
Smoky Quartz – absorbs EMF’s
Malachite – clears and protecs against EMF’s
Black Tourmaline – clears and protects from EMF’s, especially heavy EMF “smog”

The Shungite is an interesting stone. It feels like a cross between Hematite and Obsidian and it has a really good feel to it. The bracelet is a bit dark because several of the stones above are dark colored, but I think it’s a very functional bracelet and the look of it is almost secondary to me. I didn’t include any metal beads for decoration because I wanted to be able to include all the EMF stones I could.

If you order one, I’d love to hear your feedback!

~ Dooney

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