Laura with the Aura

Dooney here blogging on my iPod from the Psychic Fair in Hamilton, Montana! Carol is doing aura photos and readings this weekend, and once again she’s a popular attraction at the fair. I’m manning the information booth, talking to folks about auras, orgonite, zappers and my gemstone bracelets! So far it’s a lot of fun and I’ve talked to some really nice people. Maybe someday I’ll be ready to do public readings. :-) Carol keeps telling me I’m ready but it’s kind of scary. She does a great job of talking to people and encouraging them, and putting them at ease. I want to be just like Carol when I grow up! :-)

We did this show in June also, and this time I feel much less awkward and nervous about talking to people, so I’m making progress. I overheard an astrologer here saying that Cancers are having the challenge of their lifetime right now and they are going through a lot of growth. She said that Cancers need to let go of things that no longer work for them. It explains a lot about what Stevo and I have been going through lately (both Cancers). So keep breathing crabs!

By the way, I feel like such a techno-geek here, iPod blogging. My sister would be proud of me!


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