Interesting link…possible interesting book

Stevo sent me this link the other day:

It’s about the story of a guy who was in a coma and had some interesting experiences, including becoming aware of other universes and dimensions – and heaven. We don’t have the book yet but Stevo will be downloading it soon. The article linked above was interesting enough to pursue reading the book. Stevo also mentioned to me that he read that mainstream Quantum Physics now recognizes the existence of at least 10 dimensions. You don’t hear that on Fox TV of course. :-)  You can do a Google Scholar search and find all kinds of scientific papers on the higher dimensions.

I think that’s why I was given the information about accessing higher dimensions. I know that other people have done it long before me, but maybe I was supposed to bring that knowledge to the orgonite crowd. It was good to hear some confirmation that things I’ve experienced are being experienced by others as well. Sometimes I feel like I put stuff out there and no one can relate. :-)

~ Dooney


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  1. Matt says:

    This YT channel goes some way in explaining the nature of the higher dimensions. That’s what we are going for… the body and mind are simply the means by which we function in the lower dimensions. The real ‘us’ is much higher than that.

  2. Matt says:


    Some of that gels congruently with other NDE accounts I have read, but the conception of a ‘Hell’/The Eighth Sphere/Tartarus seems to vary wildly amongst them, and it was noticeably stark in that account. Explicitly, it is stated that ‘Hell’ is a place of ‘never-ending’ torment, and that many people will ‘fail the test’. Tacitly, therefore, it is implied that many souls will be headed there.

    Given that most people are handicapped in the exercise of their free will by layers/veils of programming, and darkside assaults of all kinds and forms… to burn (Spirit/Love as the ‘Fire’, I presume) in Hell ‘eternally’ due to heart mistakes, particularly those that were made when under programming/duress/coercion… seems rather harsh, especially under the auspice of a God comprising entirely of Love.

    The ‘test’ idea has holes, too. What of a child born severely disabled in some way, unable to perform even the most basic tasks, or to conceive of aspects of reality properly? What tests would they face? What could they learn during that lifetime? How could they grow as souls?

    These are probably elementary questions for some folks… just trying to figure it all out, with this decidedly slow brain of mine. Bear with me. ^_^

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