Infinity Meditation

I recently traveled to the L.A. area to see my family. While it was wonderful to see them (especially the new baby!) it was very difficult to be back in the energy of the big city. I don’t know how you city dwellers do it full time!  :-)  It started in the car, with me going the speed limit and everyone getting mad at me as they zoomed by. I spontaneously started doing what I’m calling the Infinity Meditation, which I realized later was something that Stevo taught me years ago. I’m not sure where he learned it, or if he made it up himself. I needed to get myself grounded quickly and I wanted an element of protection as well since I was approaching a massive amount of energy – Los Angeles.

Basically, to do the Infinity Meditation you imagine a very large vertical infinity symbol, with your heart chakra as the center where the loops cross. The bottom loop goes down into the center of the earth. The top loop connects above the earth to whatever your belief of your creator is:  God, Universe, etc. Then you just imagine energy running through the symbol. Start at the top loop above the earth, run it through the front of your heart chakra, out the back and down through the bottom loop, then back up again. Breathe in as you bring the energy up from the earth, and breathe out as you approach the top loop and start back down again. You can also try reversing the breathing if that feels better to you, and breathe in at the top loop. This meditation feels really good and it’s pretty energizing too.

Another good use I found for running energy this way was a few days ago when I realized that Stevo was being corded in his third chakra (again) with a huge energy cord that I couldn’t remove. I simply ran the infinity energy with his third chakra as the center where the loops cross instead of his fourth chakra. The energy cord immediately dried up like a raisin. I still was not able to fully remove it but I was able to stop his energy from leaking out of it. The next day he said he had slept for 6 hours that night after not sleeping for many nights. Success!

You can also try running the infinity energy through each of your chakras. I think it’s a great healing tool that I will be using a lot now that I’ve remembered it.

~ Dooney

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  1. dooney says:

    I just wanted to make a comment that you need to be a bit careful using this meditation. Someone I was coaching found that the energy that this brought in was a bit much to handle, so if you find that it’s a bit strong for you just cut back how often you do it. Once a week might be better than once a day.

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