Disabling radionics attack

As I’ve blogged about recently, Stevo and I have undergone attacks on our businesses for quite a while now. Steve’s happened quite suddenly after a month of really great business flow. With Carol and Don’s help we realized that someone who had come into the office had been the channel for some really bad energy, bringing a halt to the flow. So we worked on that person and the people who were controlling them, and it got a little better but not back to normal. The other day I had an epiphany about it and realized that they had gotten a hold of Stevo’s patient paperwork and were using it with a radionics machine to chase away new patients.

It was one of those moments where a thought came to me and I knew immediately that I was right on track. It’s always funny to me when I have that kind of certainty. I used to dismiss it, but I learned to trust it. So, yesterday while I was helping Carol at the psychic fair I spent some time on my computer altering Stevo’s new patient paperwork. When we got home last night, I printed out the new papers and had Stevo burn the old papers. We both immediately felt a change in the energy in the house. We’ll see if it translates to better business flow in the next few days.

Carol pointed out to us that all we needed to do was make a small change in the paperwork – a new font, or change a few words, etc. The same thing is true of a meditation that doesn’t feel quite right. Make a small change and make it your own. I realized today that I probably need to make a small change to my web pages to get rid of any radionics that are being done against my web-based business. Radionics work because they have taken something of yours and are using it against you. So, make a small change to that thing, whether it’s a picture, or papers, etc., and the energy will change and their radionics will no longer work.

Another thing that helps with radionics attacks, in my experience, is using the Farday Dodec technique, which you can read about on my website. Radionics can be hard to defeat, but the dodec does help.

~ Dooney

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Just wish to become s member do that I can find out how to stop Radionic attack as it’s been happening to me gir 5 years but has got worse and increased over the last 2 months and I don’t know what to do yo stop it. Thanks. Elizabeth.

  2. SHERRI ACOSTA says:

    I need to know how I can get help to press charges or investigate My husband is a chiropractor and I am epileptic with a VNS installed in my body which is a magnet. Please help me

    • dooney says:

      Hi Sherri,
      The only thing I can help with is how to energetically fend off a radionics attack, which you can learn about from my Etheric Rescue Tips on the left sidebar. I don’t know how you would go about prosecuting someone for doing this. I can say that along with fending them off, it would be helpful to learn how to boost them with my Basic Boosting exercise, and to gift the person’s location with orgonite. I find that gifting and boosting can really help in this kind of situation where you can’t actually get an authority to help you.

  3. John says:

    I have been tortured and blackmailed by a member of the radionic association the UK. It’s about time you told the truth about the cover up by corrupt governments, who use this as a psychotronic weapon to torture their own people.

    • dooney says:

      Hi John,

      The purpose of my blog is not to “out” anyone in particular, but to document my etheric life in hopes that it can help someone else. I’ve had numerous comments previously about a radionics practitioner in the UK, mentioned by name, and I have deleted them because I was suspicious about the number of times the comment was posted. It seemed like spam. I put up the Etheric Rescue Tips, which includes a pdf on how to deal with electronic and/or radionics assault. I’m not a radionics expert, this is just what I have done to deal with radionics attacks personally. If you’ve looked at my blog posts over the years, it’s a given that attacks like this have been initiated and perpetuated by governments and those who rule at a higher level, so I don’t consider it necessary to expose it per se. If you feel the need to expose a certain person you can do that with your own blog site, as it is easy to set up a blog, but I don’t feel that is the purpose of my site. Perhaps you can connect with others in the UK that have experienced this. Radionics is a problem and is hurting people, and I have given the solutions that worked for me on this site. I hope they help you, but I think it would be to your benefit to connect with local people and work on the problem together. I have found that long-distance help with coaching or just boosting only works for a short time. In my experience, radionics are best disabled at or near the source with orgonite and and things such as the mp3 files and the Slim Spurling Harmonizer. Using both etheric and physical defense seems to work best with radionics.

      • rachel says:

        I live on a power spot in Arizona. I am under radionics attack from underground military.

        About three years ago I seeded the land with maybe 50lbs of large orgonite pieces that I’d made. Most of these are on or in the earth.

        This is all nothing new but I fell foul of them by revealing something to a client concerning what they did to her. She really knew it anyway. I think the surveillance on me is constant because of my RV. abilities. She has implants and all the rest of it.

        Anyway they turned up the heat. Blocked all my business and are now attacking my body, so I’m in agony and can’t walk. They gave me the chemtrail flu in January but 100x worse than normal. I can’t get rid of it. I wonder If I can survive.

        I’m stony broke. Well the orgonite in the ground here is not doing it as far as I can tell. Since I may not be able to buy things, is there anything you can think of that might help?

        I did once buy a ‘radionics disc’. Red and blue, resin with concentric spirals. You would put your photo on it and something like an instruction and it was said to heal the affected part. I had a painful left arm. That day or the next, my cat got lost, stuck in a tree and injured her left foreleg..so not sure what that meant or any use for the disc.

      • dooney says:

        I recommend earthpipes in your case. Near underground stuff, aboveground orgonite will only go so far. There’s also a great phrase that George Kavassilas uses to put himself out of phase with harmful tech. I’m just starting to utilize this. Relax into your heart/soul essence, located at collarbone level in the midline of your body. Connect to the Earth, and then say “I lovingly accept that you have a place in this world, however, I withdraw permission. Therefore you are without the right to negatively affect me with your emanations.” That is straight from George’s website. Do put some earthpipes there if you can. When my husband and I were in Tucson in January of 2017 we were camped near the military base there and he was bombarded with energy attacks the whole time, so I get what you are saying.

  4. John says:

    Why don’t you want people to know the truth? Are you frightened Dooney?
    People are being attacked by radionic practitioners, and all you do is remove their post.

  5. Margaret says:

    Hi,I am being attacked daily,thru the feet,I don’t know anything about radionics,could you please help me. Thank-you

    • dooney says:

      Hi Margaret,
      You’ll have to do a web search to get details on what radionics are, the origin of the technology, etc. I have diagnosed by own radionics attacks mostly by how I feel and by dowsing. I have a couple of things I use which you can find in the Etheric Rescue Tips on the left sidebar of my site. Download the PDF for stopping electronic assault.

  6. Monica says:

    Could you please help me because I’m unable to find a company who will deliver a tesla coil to Spain. I contacted scientificsonline but they don’t ship to Spain. Also, there are so many different coils, it’s difficult to ascertain which is the right one. I presume it has to be at least 50KV?

    • dooney says:

      Hi Monica,
      I don’t know of another company selling Tesla coils, but what you could do is get the Environmental Harmonizer and download the square wave file on my site, and play the sound file through the harmonizer as I’ve described in the Etheric Rescue tips. My Tesla coil stopped working so I’ve resorted to using the Harmonizer and it works great. I don’t think you’d have a problem getting one shipped to Spain. You can buy them at http://www.lightlifetechnology.com, and I think they are now calling it the Light-Life Harmonizer. Let me know if you have any other questions!
      Dooney :-)

  7. Monica says:

    I have contacted the UK media about the radionic attack from a practitioner of the radionic association in the UK. There seems to be little interest, either they don’t understand the dangers or they are not interested. There needs to be greater public awareness of the dangers of this type of thearapy, and tighter regulation of UK laws to help prevent rogue practitioners abusing the system for financial gain.
    The US system is better in this aspect, because it is illegal to promote radionics, and there have been several court cases where the defendants have been given heavy fines and sent to prison. Their radionic machines being confiscated and destroyed.
    The problem basically is that radionics is used in Psychotronic or psi warfare by intelligence agencies, so governments do know about the dangers of radionics, but it is kept secret by them.
    It is like the problems with the malevolent aliens and secret space programs. Governments have entered into secret agreements with them, and they try to hide this from the public.

  8. Monica says:

    Thank you for your advice. Could you please recommend which is the best Tesla coil to buy, as there are many different types on the market.
    It appears that radionics is more like a dangerous weapon, rather than a therapy. I can quite understand why it was banned in America. and the radionic association relocated(fled) to England.


    • dooney says:

      Hi Monica,

      We have had two Tesla coils from scientificsonline.com but both of them broke. I don’t know if it was something we were doing wrong while running it or if it’s just a badly made unit. You are correct that radionics can be dangerous in the wrong hands, it depends on the intention of the person using the machine.

  9. Monica says:

    I’ve had problems with a radionic practitioner in the UK.
    She has been sending out negative radionic energy to harm me. It caused prolonged pain near the chakra with the energy entered.
    Could you suggest a remedy for this?

    • dooney says:

      Hi Monica,
      You can download my PDF on defending yourself against electronic assault and follow those recommendations. One thing I would add to the recommendations is to get a Tesla coil and run it 24/7. It usually stops a radionic attack within a few hours.

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