A bouquet of roses

I did a coaching recently with someone who had been attacked really hard in the 3rd chakra, probably the worst attack I’ve ever seen. A man with dark hair and dark glasses was cording her 3rd chakra. I saw an image of him and even got his name, which has never happened before. I boosted him pretty strongly through the cord before I cut it which is how I got the intel on him. After cutting the cord, I did some healing work on the chakra.

In the course of the healing, I asked the client to do the Rose Technique on their own 3rd chakra to help with the healing process. They had the great idea of using a bouquet of roses to pull out the negative energy from the chakra instead of using a single rose. I thought it was a great idea and it worked really well. I love getting ideas like this from clients! When people use their imaginations like that it not only makes my job easier, but it adds so much to our knowledge of ways to work with energy.

I always encourage people to take my exercises and techniques and make any changes or additions they feel are right for them. My methods are a starting point. It wouldn’t make sense for me to dictate absolutely how your energy experience should happen. There are as many ways to use energy as their are heart-based beings on the planet. Have fun!

~ Dooney


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