More of the same, keeping the faith

Well, Stevo and I are still laboring under energy attacks but we haven’t given up. They are trying to put us in financial stress and we just keep reminding each other to breathe. It’s easy to give into fear. What’s really hard is focusing on Love….no matter what! I think that is our big lesson this year. I actually think it’s everyone’s big lesson in one way or another. Some folks will recognize what they are going through and many won’t.

No one knows what’s going to happen in the world…there are lots of rumors of war, global economic collapse, riots, etc. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m absolutely sure that you have to keep your heart open, stay grounded and keep breathing. Practice the basics, because when things go crazy, the basics will keep you sane.

Spend some time each day focusing on something positive. Don’t just wallow in the bad news. Spend a little time each day sending out Love energy – it doesn’t matter who you send it to, just get it out there in the etheric realm. Imagine there is a big golden sun in your heart and warm everyone around you with that energy.

~ Dooney


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  1. gregory says:

    Thanks so much for the new postings.Couldn’t have come at better time.The road seems less lonely.Thanks again,be well.