An inspirational lunch

I had lunch recently with a friend with whom I discuss a lot of spiritual/consciousness issues, and we were both talking about the probable upcoming global financial crisis and all the attendent issues of that crisis. I think what’s coming is not only financial but spiritual too. Everyone I know has had a rather angst-filled year as the energy on the planet continues to polarize, time speeds up, hearts are challenged and things just seem to get more and more crazy. I think whatever issues are going on in your life right now are simply being amplified by the changing energy on the planet. Relationships, finances, living situations, job stress….everything is being supercharged to the point where some people are just losing their minds.

The really good news is that we have our basic tools to get through this, as I was saying in my previous post: grounding, breathing and keeping your heart open. If you can do that with all the craziness in the world, your particular corner of it might be a little less chaotic. It’s all good, no matter what manifests in 3D. We are moving in the direction we are supposed to go, and although the ride is getting bumpy, I have faith that we will get there.

As consciousness polarizes, some folks are going to move forward and some aren’t. I think that’s the hard thing for a lot of people to accept, and I could be wrong. But I think we may start seeing a lot of people check out. And that’s okay, too, because death is just the beginning of another adventure, as hard as it is for those left behind. It’s hard to remember in times like this that everything is happening just the way it is supposed to. We don’t always understand why things happen the way they do, sometimes not until much later, and sometimes we never understand. I know that I have a hard time remembering this when I have my personal life challenges, but luckily I have my husband and my friends to help remind me.

~ Dooney

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