108 working a little TOO well

We recently put our big 108 together again after a month or so of it being discombobulated and messed up. A good friend sent me a pdf of the pattern and I printed it out and taped a bunch of pages together. My local Staples store couldn’t figure out how to print it on their big printer.

Well…after a record 53 or 58 days (I don’t remember which) without rain, it started raining….just as the builders fixing our roof starting taking apart. Yikes! So, we let it ride for a week or so, but then we realized we would have to take it apart to give our builders a break so they could get our roof fixed.

We took the 108 down and although we are still getting precipitation some days, we are getting enough clear days so the work can be finished. Don and Carol are coming to visit and Don is going to help us get the permanent 108 set up on some varnished plywood. We may have to postpone setting up the orgonite cones, however, until we’re ready for rain and snow. I never thought we’d be inclined to take it down, as we need the energy to keep the attacks off of us, but right now the roof is a priority.

I can’t wait to set it back up!  :-)

~ Dooney

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