Rock ‘n Rolling in 2012

It seems like life is just getting to be more and more of a rollercoaster lately. The way I see it, the energy on the planet is polarizing more than ever into low consciousness and high consciousness. It seems like things are getting to be so black and white these days, and the gray areas are fading as people make a choice, consciously or unconsciously. People seem to be really nice, high energy, or really low energy. Maybe this is what 2012 is all about. I don’t think it’s about the end of the world, a la the Mayan calendar. I think it’s about a big shift in energy and we’re in the middle of feeling it now. It’s so important to remember to stay grounded…just the basics can help so much.

We did a group chat today and we found that there was some kind of energetic barrier on each coast of the U.S. blocking the weather from moving onto the continent. The really interesting thing is that this barrier mostly exists in our imagination. They are using our imaginations against us to maintain an energy barrier that is making it seem like all the orgonite that has been tossed on the coasts and in the oceans isn’t working.

i really wanted to do a group chat on this issue because I feel like someone is trying to start a campaign against orgonite to say it doesn’t work. Stevo and I noticed in May that Los Angeles was really smoggy, as well as Las Vegas and Salt Lake City. All three of these cities have been heavily gifted, especially Los Angeles. After talking to Don and Carol, we realized that the “smog” is actually whitish in L.A., not brown, and it seems to be lower to the ground. We got the intution that there is a lot of underground stuff that is generating this fake “smog”.

After realizing that the entire U.S. is in a drought condition, a fact pointed out to me by a friend, I got the sense that it was a barrier formed in the oceans on each coast. Today’s chat confirmed that. Once we started boosting this barrier, it fell apart pretty quickly and we were able to see who was behind it and boost them too. What I got really strongly was that it was intended to basically be a psy-ops against gifters, to make them lose hope. So what I wanted to say was don’t lose hope! Orgonite is real and it works. Don’t lose sight of the fact that we are fighting for the etheric integrity of the planet and sometimes it’s a really tough job. But think of all the folks all over the world who are doing this, who are having the same results, who are reporting such great success.

Toby on EW did some major EP gifting of Houston, Texas, and I believe this is a model for how the big cities should be EP’d. The EP’s get the underground stuff that is the next level for gifting. I don’t think there is any part of the planet that doesn’t have underground stuff. Check out Toby’s gifting reports!

Keep the faith!

~ Dooney

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