Energy attacks….again

I just realized I haven’t blogged since the beginning of July. Yikes! Lots of things have been happening here, physically and etherically. Physically, our front and back decks and sidewalks have been torn apart as we are doing some remodeling, including a new front porch with a roof, new sidewalks, front driveway pad with porch and a covered porch on part of the back of the house. Soon, our roof will be torn open and repaired, skylights will be added, spray foam insulation will be sprayed and new tin put on.

In the course of all this construction activity, our propane line has been replaced, along with the regulators, our internet line has been replaced and our main power line has been replaced. One of our cars died (easily fixed, luckily) our water heater died, and our clothes dryer just died. I’m afraid to ask what else can go wrong!

What this has meant for Stevo and I is that we have had to concentrate on breathing, staying grounded, staying positive, not going into fear about what it’s costing, etc. It’s really a challenge! In the midst of it all, we’ve been getting energetically attacked. It’s affected both of our businesses and our health, me more than Stevo. A few days ago we did an emergency chat with Don and Carol, and things have improved dramatically. It’s always amazing to me what a difference a little bit of focused energy can make. It reminds me how powerful we really are, if we only learn how to use all of our energy. I’ve got a black candle going again, so we’ll see if that helps, too. We have to use whatever resources we can, right?

What we found the other night was that a radionics device was being used against us, and they had a novice controlling it, almost like it was a training session! So it seems that Stevo and I have become part of the NWO lesson plan: “learn how to beat the Smith’s so you can pass this part of the evil-doer test!”  Ha, ha. Don said we should be honored. :-)

~ Dooney

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